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Ashy Brown Hair: 3 Ways To Make This Beautiful Shade Your Own

11 September 2018
Ashy brown hair colour shades

Ashy brown hair: it’s the effortless, natural-looking, cool-toned brown that is anything but #basic. Whether you’ve contemplated adding in a few subtle ash brown highlights to give your hair some dimension or it’s a more uniform colour you’re after, it’s important that your stylist employs a customised approach to ensure you get the most complimentary colour. We walk you through what’s driving the ashy brown hair trend that celebs can’t get enough of and how you can make this winning colour your own.

The Appeal Of Ashy Brown Hair

Ashy brown hair has a trick up its sleeve - it neutralises unwanted red tones and gives hair a natural look we just love. However, achieving a cool brown shade can be tricky since many women find their dyed brown hair taking on a brassy, orange hue after a few washes - not a very sought-after look. Thus, it’s vital that you visit a good colourist who will strategically colour your hair to minimise the possibility of any warm, red tones making an appearance.

Ashy Brown Hair: A Personalised Approach

While women of all skin tones and eye colours can rock the ashy brown hair trend, it’s particularly flattering on girls with a cooler undertone to their skin. If your skin has pink rather than yellow undertones, it’s likely that ashy brown hair will complement your complexion nicely. The experts say that ashy brown hair suits people with a medium to fair skin tone as well as people who have freckles - we also think it’s winning combo. As far as eye colour, the shade teams well with every colour under the rainbow. Even so, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Your stylist can offer a bespoke ash brown hue with different colouring techniques and by incorporating different tones and babylights.

The L’Oréal Professionnel Parisian Nudes Range is perfect for women wanting an effortlessly-chic, low-maintenance ashy brown hair colour. The salon-exclusive collection contains 20 different multi-dimensional shades so you too can attain that natural French girl je ne sais quoi.

Here are 3 ways you can make ashy brown hair your own.

Light Ash Brown Hair Colour

If your complexion is on the fair side, a light ash brown hair colour can work wonders for brightening up your look. This multi-tonal colouring technique can really highlight your features and complement your skin tone nicely so you don’t have to worry about looking sallow or tired when you’re not wearing makeup. All about that natural beauty!

Ashy Brown Grey Hair

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not go grey? Ashy brown grey hair is as cool as it gets, literally. This cool-toned take on ashy brown hair combines sharp silver hues with icy brown shades for a result that screams edgy and bold.

Ashy Brown Hair Balayage

If you’re a low maintenance gal looking for a colour that doesn’t require too much fuss, look no further than ashy brown hair balayage. The look lets you flaunt a more subtle version of the trend without having to deal with all the upkeep of traditional highlights. Your stylist will strategically paint certain strands of your hair to give you an effortless, au naturel appearance.

Hair so hot, it turns to ash!

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