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Baby Got Blonde: Everything You Need To Know Before You Go Baby Blonde

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12 September 2019
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2019 has truly been the year of the blonde, Instagram has been flooded with an influx of all kinds of blonde-babe shades, everything from toasted coconut, to ice blonde to bronde, but we have another blonde hair trend to add to your hair-lust list: baby blonde. This pale hue is a gorgeous shade update, which can be tailored to suit your hair type and skin tone giving you a personalised blonde look that is certain to turn heads in your direction. We’re giving all our top-tips on this must-have shade, everything from what baby blonde hair is, to caring for your beautiful blonde tresses. Let’s go, baby!

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The Low Down: What Is Baby Blonde Hair?

Baby blonde hair is a super light, bright blonde. Forget dirty blonde shades, ashy tones and rose tints, (for the time being) because baby blonde is all about taking you back, to have the softest, lightest, blondest hair of your life! Taking its inspiration from your former childhood locks, baby blonde re-creates milky, creamy tones using highlighting techniques. Feeling nostalgic yet?

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Who Suits Baby Blonde Hair?

If 2019 has taught us anything, it’s that blonde suits everyone! However when considering the transition to baby blonde hair, it may take some people longer to achieve this shade than others. Because baby blonde hair is so light, if you have a darker hue, a few appointments with your hair colour professional may be necessary in order to achieve this creamy colour. If this is the case, consider a transitional shade, such as bronde or mushroom blonde. These versatile shades allow a stepping stone approach to getting blonde hair, allowing a smooth and gradual transition from brunette to baby blonde. When a light base shade has been achieved, baby blonde highlights of wheat, milky, and creamy hues can be blended in for an effortlessly natural looking blonde.  Make sure you book in for a consultation with a professional to get a personalised consultation of how to get the perfect baby blonde for you, and your hair type.

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How Do I Get Baby Blonde Hair?

Baby blonde hair is achieved by highlighting sections of the hair, these first will be lightened, then coloured a light milky hue. Baby lights, (subtle, light highlights) can be placed by your professional around your face in order to give this look a light angelic lift, making you halo-ready. In order to get the perfect shade, your shiny new blonde locks will be treated to a smothering of toner in order to achieve the perfect, customised blonde. For the ultimate baby blonde tone, ask your hair colourist to choose a super bright, light toner, rather than an ashy, or honey toner.

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How Do I Look After Baby Blonde Hair?

A big part of having baby blonde hair is all about having a personalised hair routine in order to protect and nourish your baby blonde locks in between salon visits. We love Kérastase Bain Lumier Shampoo and Kérastase Cicaflash Conditioner.

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To give your baby blonde colour the ultimate TLC we recommend using Pureology Hydrate Mask to feed your new locks with hydration goodness. We suggest applying this treatment once a week in order to add the ultimate nourishment to your baby blonde hair routine.

Love baby blonde hair? Be sure to book in with your hair stylist to talk all things baby blonde, and give yourself the ultimate throw back hair colour.

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