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Brilliant Rainbow Hair Colour Ideas You’ll Love

Elizabeth Hall
12 February 2019
woman with long rainbow hair colour

Rainbow hair colour is the boldest colour trend so far, and we’re embracing it big style! If you’ve ever wanted your hair to look like a kaleidoscope of colours (who hasn’t?), now you can. There are plenty of people that put off colouring their hair only because they can’t commit to one colour… so why not wear them all? We’re talking colours - the brighter the better!

Chasing Rainbows: What Is Rainbow Hair Colour?

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your life, rainbow hair colour was the trend made just for you. This beautiful style works on any lengths and hair textures, and is complimentary on all skin tones. With this statement shade, all eyes will be on you. So if you ever wanted to live larger than life, now’s your chance! There are so many colours to choose from on the rainbow spectrum that it’s possible to create a bespoke look just for you. Read on to get a taste of the rainbow! 

Rainbow Hair Colour Ideas We Love

What’s actually at the end of the rainbow? Gorgeous rainbow hues to try on your mane! Popular rainbow hair colouring techniques include using ombre and balayage to get the perfect mix of vibrant shades. Ombre means a gradual change in colour throughout the hair, and can be centred on just one colour of different hues, or a multitude of colours that blend into one another for a prismatic surprise.

There are endless colour combinations and rainbow hair colour techniques at your disposal, from camo, to tie-dye to ocean hues and all the way to the sunset spectrum. Our girl Pocahontas had one thing right, you can paint (your hair) with all the colours of the wind. If you’re a pastel addict, this trend won’t let you down; as pastel is such a soft and pretty option, it gives your look a gorgeous feminine touch. Multicolour neon highlights are also having their moment- think bright alternating shades of colour, for an eye-catching look that’s sure to make a statement!

How To Get Rainbow Hair

The most important step in your rainbow hair colour journey is to always consult an expert. With literally every hue on the colour spectrum, there’s a lot to consider… which is why you should always see a professional colourist to get the rainbow hair of your dreams. If you are fair-headed, luckily for you, you won’t need any pre-lightening, as the colours will be easily visible on your hair.

For those with darker hair, it’ll require some pre-lightening in order for the colours to really shine. Your stylist will be able to talk you through the whole process. Another thing to think about? It’s vital to consider things like skin tone and commitment when contemplating rainbow hair because this style isn’t very low-maintenance. So regular trips to the salon are a must, to keep your rainbow hair game on form. A small compromise for beautiful hair, we think!

Rainbow Hair Care 101

Rainbows are known for their majestic radiance; rainbow hair colour should be no different. Freshly coloured hair can fade quickly if the wrong products are used, so opt for specific colour care ranges. Keep your rainbow hues bright and brilliant with a pro-approved brand like Redken through all stages (pre-colouring to after care). Redken Color Extend, like its name suggests, is the perfect range to keep your coloured locks lustrous. The range keeps hair shiny and colour radiant, for long-lasting results that just won’t quit! Make sure to #treatyoself at least once a week to the Color Extend Magnetics Mega Mask, which not only looks after your colour, but also gives your hair the nourishing care it needs. Multi-care for multi-colours!

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Why settle for one hue when you can have them all? Rainbow hair is calling your name!

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