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Deep Auburn Hair Colour: 3 Ways To Wear

09 April 2019
long wavy auburn coloured hair on white background

If you’re searching for the next big thing in hair to switch up your hair game, we might have just found the answer: introducing the deep auburn hair colour trend. Join us in the quest to achieving the perfect auburn hair to suit you – come with us on a journey to this winter-warming shade!

What Is Auburn Hair?

Have you noticed a sudden influx of beautiful auburn shades on the ‘gram as of late, you probably already know what makes this colour so darn irresistible to celebrities and normal folk alike. We think this has a lot to do with with auburn’s versatility.

The Ideal Candidate For Deep Auburn Hair Colour

In the vast kaleidoscope of red-based colours, we’re happy to inform you that auburn is one of the easiest shades to pull off. Because of its red and brown formula, it can be personalized to suit any skin tone, simply by adjusting the colour ratio. For all you olive-toned babes, a brown-based auburn tends to flatter better - so we suggest trying a mocha-inspired deep auburn hair colour. If your skin is more on the pink/neutral side with yellow or blue tints, or you have dark skin, a deep auburn with strong a strong red undertone can really compliment your colouring. In sum, it’s about working with your natural colouring to best find the shade that suits you.

3 Ways To Wear Deep Auburn Hair Colour

1. Deep Auburn Highlights

Adding highlights to your auburn hair colour will give it more dimension and movement. Our preference: opt for an espresso base complimented by a reddy copper with gingery highlights, for an overall deep auburn hair colour that’s sure to keep you cosy in these wintery months.

2. Coppery Deep Auburn

A coppery deep auburn is where it’s at if you’ve got paler skin or have a pinky undertone to your complexion. This absolutely stunning subtle yet fiery shade will do wonders for your complexion, particularly when paired with some slightly lighter highlights to give your gingery mane some more dimension to play with.

3. Chocolatey Deep Auburn Hair Colour

This colour really shines in the light, picking up the mix of chocolate and auburn, coming together to make this delectable shade. This reddy brunette tone of auburn hair colour is perfect for most complexions and particularly those with olive skin tones. Deep chocolate auburn hair colour is indulgently rich, who wouldn’t want this hair hue!

How To Look After Your Deep Auburn Hair Colour

Don’t let that gorgeous colour fade, it will take the right products to elongate your just-out-the-salon tone but it is more than worth it. We recommend this colour locking formula to maintain your colour and shine, L'Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Colour A-Ox Shampoo and Conditioner.

Colouring your hair frequently can sometimes dry out your hair so to keep your new auburn hair colour extra nourished consider introducing a hair mask once a week. Try the Vitamino Colour A-Ox Masque to get extra glossy nourishment for your hair!

Feeling tempted by the deep auburn hair colour? There’s no better time than this winter to give it a try! Use our salon locator now to find your nearest hair stylist.

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