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Make Room For Mushroom: Everything You Need To Know About Mushroom Blonde Hair

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24 September 2019
woman with blonde mushroom coloured hair

Calling all food fans- and hair colour connoisseurs! We’re giving you all the top tips on this tasty new trend: mushroom blonde hair- the perfect mix of blonde hair and ashy hair, which is good enough to eat. If you’re feeling like a tasty change of your blonde tresses, mushroom blonde is the hue for you. We’re answering all your mushroom blonde questions with a lot of help from Paco Latorre, Creative Director at Live True London salons, including: what this new, must-have colour trend is, how to get mushroom blonde hair, who would suit mushroom blonde hair, and the top hair care tips for mushroom blonde- let’s get cooking;

mushroom blonde hair before and after transformation

So, What Is Mushroom Blonde Hair?

Mushroom blonde hair is a multi-tonal hair colour, combining blonde and ashy tones to achieve the ultimate cool-blonde hairstyle. Think bronde, but with an ashier update, converting traditionally light blonde shades to a cooler tone. This winning mixture of darker undertones, with ashy, grey-blonde sections is the perfect mix of both blonde and brunette, lending itself wonderfully to blondes who want to experiment with their darker side, or brunettes wanting to lighten their hair up, sign us up!

“Mushroom blonde is a type of cool colour that can be either uniform or incorporate many different levels of cool browns; darker to lighter. It’s toned with cold and ashy pigments in a light colour base, adding a bit of cold iridescent brunette.”

Paco Latorre

Creative Director Of Live True London Salons And Redken Artist
woman with long mushroom blonde hair

Why Is Mushroom Blonde Hair So Popular At The Moment?

“Surfing on the ash trend, the mushroom blonde is a direct evolution from this trend. Ash was so popular that it generated a strong following, the mushroom blonde colour benefits from this following as it is a similar pre-technique before the mushroom colour is applied. Also, it is a good new winter trend that follows the new colour trends we see coming out in fashion.”

Paco Latorre

Creative Director Of Live True London Salons And Redken Artist

How Do I Get Mushroom Blonde Hair?

Now that you’re as invested as we are in this gorgeous ashy blonde hair craze, let’s talk about how to achieve this mouth-watering style. When it comes to a change in colour, we always recommend going pro. By visiting your local salon, your hairstylist can find the right ashy toners to suit your skin tone, and eye colour, making sure your hair colour transition is seamless. For brunettes to achieve mushroom blonde, upper layers of your hair will be sectioned and lightened, allowing some of the darker base colours to remain on the lower layers. The highlighted sections will then be toned by your pro, to a cool ashy shade. For blondes, or lighter hair colours, some darker tones will be painted in by your pro in order to get the ultimate blonde/brown mushroom contrast. The top sections will be treated to a dose of ashy toner to achieve a covetable cool-gal blonde.

woman with long mushroom blonde hair in salon

Why Should I Get Mushroom Blonde Hair?

Mushroom blonde hair is topping our hair colour wish-list of 2019 for lots of reasons. Mushroom blonde hair manages to tick two top hair buzz words at the moment: bronde hair, and ashy hair. Ashy hair is a must-have because the muted tones encapsulate a covetable cool-vibe, meaning your hair stands out from warmer blondes such as honey blonde, or golden blonde which are also majorly trending at the moment.

How Can A Brunette Go To A Mushroom Blonde Colour?

“It depends on the colour base we are coming from. To achieve the mushroom colour effect, we need a light colour base so everything depends of which level of colour you want to get. We would need to lift the hair up to 1/2 levels lighter than that of the final colour so we can then tone in the ashy pigments on top.”

Paco Latorre

Creative Director Of Live True London Salons And Redken Artist

How Can A Blonde Go To A Mushroom Blonde Colour If Currently Lighter?

“It only depends of the desired level the client wants, starting from a blonde base is perfect as we can directly apply the colour on. If the desired colour is a lot darker than the original blonde, then pre-colour might be needed.”

Paco Latorre

Creative Director Of Live True London Salons And Redken Artist

Who Suits Mushroom Blonde Hair?

Mushroom blonde is the perfect shade if you’re wanting a subtle change. The mixture of darker and lighter tones means this colour trend is flattering on every face shape: the ashy-blonde tones catch the sun, for a light, lifted feel, and the darker tones frame the face to give you the perfect model caught off guard look. Mushroom blonde can also be a great transitional shade, if you’re planning a colour overhaul from blonde to brunette or vice versa, but fancy a pit stop somewhere in the middle- this shade is definitely for you! Plus: the multi-dimensional aspect of mushroom blonde means that it gives every hair type a sense of thickness and slickness- hello #hairgoals.

friends with long mushroom blonde hair

How To Care For Mushroom Blonde Hair

Once you’ve stepped out of the salon with your fresh mushroom blonde locks, it’s important to give your hair the top treatments in order to maintain your admirable ashy tones. For this we recommend washing you new colour with purple shampoo and conditioning with purple conditioner the best friend of every blonde gal. We love Redken Blondage shampoo and conditioner.

woman using purple shampoo on blonde hair

Looking for special colour protection hair care in-between those toning shampoos? Paco has the answer:

“Redken’s Colour Extend range will protect hair colour from fading, using the whole range would help maintain the colour. We have to remember that even though the colour doesn’t looks very light, in some cases it may come from a light colour base and the hair has to be treated and conditioned as blonde hair. In this case, I recommend the Redken All Soft Mega range to repair and keep the quality of the hair in great condition. I also recommend using Redken’s Graydiant conditioner once a week in order to refresh the pigments.”

Paco Latorre

Creative Director Of Live True London Salons And Redken Artist

Not sold on mushroom blonde hair just yet? We asked Paco what other tones could be considered if you like the sound of mushroom blonde hair but you don’t love it and want to keep the ideas coming.

“Consider ash, creamy or pearlescent tones. These would be the closer and would great hair tones to consider. There is a lot of variation which may be achieved with this colour which means you can combine different techniques and colour levels to achieve a look bespoke to each type of hair and style of the person.”

Paco Latorre

Creative Director Of Live True London Salons And Redken Artist

Hungry for mushroom blonde hair? We definitely are! Make sure to book in at your local salon in order to achieve the tastiest of hair trends yet. 

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