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From Honey Blonde To Bronde: 10 Shades of Dark Blonde Hair We Love

16 August 2018
woman with long bronde hair

Whether you’re a platinum blonde or something that errs on the side of ash, there’s no heady power like leaving the salon with a fresh colour. And, if you’ve been looking to try something new when it comes to your mane, we have just the solution: dark blonde hair.

The idea might seem counter intuitive (especially if you’re planning a summer full of beach trips and ice cream photo ops) but dark blonde hair is both unexpected and unique. The colour also gives its wearers the opportunity to dabble in being a brunette without fully committing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do something a little out of your comfort zone? Take your blonde to a place it’s never been before—from caramel to chocolate and everything in between. We’re totally in love with dark blonde hair.

Honey Blonde

While some babes choose to lay in the hot sun for hours to maintain their beachy glows, we believe honey blonde hair is just as good as a tan. The warm-toned neutral suits a wide range of skin tones, making it the most universally beloved colour on the dark blonde spectrum.

If you can’t swing a trip to a tropical island right now, honey blonde has you covered. Sun-kissed hair is here!

Bronde (Brunette Blonde)

During the last year, it felt like every single female celebrity took her blonde down a notch to take part in the bronde trend. If you’ve always wanted to know what you’d look like as a brunette but can’t quite commit, give bronde a try.

The rich, chocolatey notes of this shade particularly suit olive-skinned ladies or those with deeper complexions. It’s all the mystery of being a brunette with none of the commitment—just the way we like it.

Balayage Blonde

Here’s an unconventional take on dark blonde, designed specifically for those of you who’ve already tried the trend. If you’re pining for the days of platinum and peroxide, balayage will soon be your new best friend.

The hair-painting technique is designed to look as natural as possible when it grows out, which means no roots to deal with. This take on balayage will lighten certain strands of your hair to create a multidimensional look. Instead of feeling like you’re practically a brunette, you’ll strike a velvety balance right between brown and blonde.

Grunge Blonde

In the fashion world, looking less than perfect is the coolest thing you can do. Just like ripped jeans have replaced their perfectly dyed equivalents as the new closet staple, grunge blonde is the alternative to the salon-perfect ‘do.

To achieve the punk rock-inspired look, you’ll want to emphasise your dark roots and have your stylist lighten just the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Notably, this colour is ideal for the girl who loves to change her look each time she visits the salon so doesn’t want to go completely blonde. The less maintenance this shade gets, the better it looks—no, seriously.

Caramel Blonde

If you prefer lush-looking, multi-toned hair over a single shade, caramel blonde is your new best friend. The rich, luxurious colour involves reddish notes over dark undertones, resulting in a layered shade that looks good enough to eat.

We love caramel blonde on dark complexions, particularly during the summer months. If you’ve been itching to take your blonde to the next level, caramel is your new go-to. Why even bother getting a spray tan, when you’ve got perfectly summer-kissed hair framing your face?

Bronze Blonde

Here’s one for the caramel-skinned goddesses out there: bronze blonde. The radiant, look-at-me shade is as delicious as gorgeous and luxurious as it sounds. Its mix of chocolate and bright blonde hues is practically irresistible.

This shade looks fantastic on medium and medium-deep skin tones. It’s a breezy, supermodel-ready shade.

Pecan Blonde

Many shades of blonde sound more like a tasty snack than a beauty decision, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying something new. Unlike its caramel relative, pecan blonde errs on the cooler side.

Its ashy undertones make the colour a smart pick for ladies who love the look of honey blonde but prefer to tone the shade down a bit. There’s no right way to be a blonde, especially not a dark blonde.

Dark Ash Blonde

Let’s clear something up about ash blonde hair, which often gets a bad rap: It’s not dull or boring. On the contrary, we love its subtle warmth and regularly spot models wearing the shade down the runway. There’s something so edgy about a colour that’s neither blonde nor brunette, and we can’t get enough of it. We love dark ash on ladies with medium or pale complexions, especially in the winter months. Paired with dramatic eyeliner and a chunky sweater, dark ash is a style statement all its own.

Chestnut Blonde

Even blondes occasionally get tired of seeing the same hair colour in the mirror every day, and that’s totally understandable. If dark blonde isn’t enough of a statement for you, try out a shade that verges on red. (Ssh, we won’t tell if you don’t.)
Chestnut blonde’s flattering hints of strawberry will give you the change you crave, without departing totally from the colour you know and love. Becoming a bombshell has never been so simple.

Chocolate Blonde

If you’ve already tried caramel, chestnut, and every shade in between, there’s only one thing left to do: Take a true risk. Chocolate blonde is a shade that’s much less frequently seen than honey or ash, thanks to its truly unique mix of very light tones with very dark. Keeping your hairs deep tones will mean your darker features will still look striking whilst enjoying just enough blonde to feel part of the blonde family. Itching to try the colour out for yourself? Aim for evenly distributed light tones, as opposed to anything chunky. The smoother the transition between light and dark, the better this colour will look on you. 

Is anyone else really hungry for some dark blonde now? Sign us up for some salted-caramel-chocolate-latte hair realness!
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