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Ginger Is The New Black

30 August 2018
Woman with long ginger hair standing outside, wearing a green coat

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There’s a reason natural red hair is a little more unique  - only 140 million people in the world have it, making it the rarest natural colour by far. Another reason to celebrate if you’re a redhead? Red hair will never turn grey, it will just fade into a rosy-coloured blonde and finally to a silvery-white.

Read on to find your ideal shade of red…

Strawberry Blonde 

Strawberry blonde is the subtlest tone of the red family. That gentle blend of blonde and rosy tones makes this a beautiful shade perfect for anyone who wants to air on the side of caution.

Fiery Ginger  

True to its name, ginger embodies more copper tones than the delicateness of strawberry blonde. Again, if you have pale skin with pinky undertones and bright blue eyes then you’ll pull off a ginger hue.

Classic Red

Vibrant, deep and attention-grabbing, this red is more vibrant than any of the colours on the rouge spectrum. If your skin has cool tones and your eyes are green, hazel or a warm brown,

Deep Red

If you’re looking for something richer and deeper, a deep red is somewhere between red and brunette, so it’s a great option if you want to add warmth to brown hair.


Volume Maker by Shu Uemura works perfectly for topping up your volume on-the-go - the simple brush applicator gives you instant root lift, texture and body to revive your new red hair. 
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