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Hair Colour Ideas To Take You From 2018 Into 2019

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
woman with short coloured hair

It’s that time of year again. New commitments fill the New Year air, to new goals, new beginnings, new selves… and new hair colour ideas! If you’re looking for a change-up to your look to kick you into action for a revolutionary New Year, your hair can be a great place to start, representing a relatively easy yet markable change. After 2018’s year full of gorgeous silvers and platinums, we’re excited to introduce 2019’s bolder take on the year’s hair trends - read on to learn what the colourists will be cooking up for you for the New Year!

The Beloved 2018 Hair Trends

2018 brought us an icy abundance of cool-toned hair colour ideas and we didn’t hesitate to embrace them, because they were and still are gorgeous. As we approach the curtain call for 2018, let’s take a look back at the hues that got our hearts racing. Note: although these trends surfaced in 2018, they aren’t going away just yet - if any of these tickle your fancy for bringing in the New Year, get colouring!

Silvers. It seemed like everyone was hopping on the silver bandwagon in 2018 - going grey had never been hotter. The silvery locks being flaunted on the Instagram discover page had us dye-ing to try it. The variations of silver didn’t let us down: from metallic-almost-lilac to ice queen white, and even the more natural almost-blonde ash silver. This hair colour did not disappoint and it’s sure not to vanish from our social media any time soon.

Pastels. Heads were toppled with mint green and light lavender everywhere this year. Pastels started popping up back in 2017 and didn’t ever slow down. We saw a lot of A-listers rocking pastel washes between stages at festivals and the trend even made it big on the catwalks. While the pastel movement isn’t going anywhere, (how could a muted beauty like that, after all?) we expect a shift in technique and tone.

Platinums. It was impossible to ignore the number of famous faces switching up their bronde or brunette hues by reaching for the bleach and toner. This almost-white shade had its moment in the spotlight as one of the biggest 2018 hair trends. However, achieving this gorgeous icy shade is not usually a one-session task. For those of you who took the platinum plunge, you’re well aware of the work your stylist put in. But don’t fret: the effort was not wasted. 2019 is eager to take your platinum hair up a notch - keep reading!

The Evolution: 2019 Hair Trends

When one door closes, another one opens; and this is true of new years and new hair colour opportunities. No one likes being stuck in the past, so without further ado, it’s time to book an appointment with your hairdresser ASAP. Here is what the 2019 hair trends are dishing us.

Red. Like a phoenix from the ashes, red hair colour is making a comeback and we are so ready to hop on this fiery train. If you’re thinking you could never rock a red shade - stop right there Whether you have pale skin or lots of melanin, there is a hue of red for you. From strawberry blonde to deep coppers, reds are going to be big in 2019. Bring on the heat, we’re ready for this much-anticipated comeback.

Neons. Pastel hair may be pretty, but when you want to make a big statement there’s no better way than going bright, with a capital B. This hair colour trend is a fun adaptation to work over platinum, adding a pop of colour to this 2018 trend. We see neons lighting up Instagram and we can’t look away. This trend is sure to brighten up our future in 2019 and with every variation of colourful hues, it will be sure to give off some seriously confident vibes. If you love being the centre of attention and having your hair be your statement piece, then you know what trend to be following in the New Year. We’ve seen Matrix launching some super bright shades from orange to pink with their Matrix SoColor Cult and we’re ready to join the cult...

Subtle Enhancements. On the other end of the spectrum, embracing what you were born with will also be making a lot of noise in 2019 as we lean towards more subtle, natural-looking hair colour adaptations. Hand-painted sun-kissed highlights in shades 3-4 levels from our natural tone will make for beautiful transitions. Check out the L’Oréal Professionnel Instant Highlights menu for bespoke, hand-painted highlights that give the impression you spent your summer sunbathing in the Greek islands. Sombre (soft or subtle ombre) will also be seen a lot, already one of the favourite off-duty supermodel looks.

Our favourite trends are evolving and we’re definitely not disappointed with what 2019 hair trends are to come. It may be a cliché, but what better time to hop on the ‘New Year, new me” bandwagon? 

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