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Hair Colour Inspo: Blonde Hair Colour To Consider For 2019

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
woman with short blonde hair

Regardless of the decade, year or season, blonde hair will always represent a point of intrigue across the globe. It doesn’t matter who you are, there will be a shade of blonde that you think is just sublime. If you’re contemplating the buttery plunge or are just on the lookout for a slight switch-up to your honey hue, you’re in luck: here we serve up the top blonde hair colours to try in 2019. From the nearly-white platinum to almost-brown dirty blonde, the spectrum is vast. All you need to do is figure out which one is a bit of you.


2018: the year of endless blonde hair colour ideas…

There was a time, not that long ago, when blonde hair colours were slightly limited. Fast forward to now and new hair colours trends are being invented and evolving like everything else in today’s day and age. What’s in store for the future? Options, options, options! However, we get that endless choices can have you feeling completely lost, so we’ve narrowed down the fair-haired spectrum to include our favourite blonde lock looks to help get you out of your indecisive rut. De nada.

Champagne Blonde

Allow us to introduce one of our favourite blonde hair colour trends of the year, not just because of our soft spot for the beverage (although that might have something to do with it). This shade is sure to sweep the salons like crazy in 2019. Light blonde with very subtle hints of rosy pink, it’s just as pretty as it sounds. Champagne blonde comes from the same family as the beloved rose gold hair colour - rose blonde, if you will. It’s a beautifully soft shade with creamy undertones, a little breather when compared to a lot of the more drastic trends we’ve been seeing. In the cold, dark days of winter it can bring a soft, warm glow to the skin that generally disappears after summer - gotta love that peachy glow! Suitability is not an issue as this hair colour can flatter anyone when custom-mixed by your stylist. Time to break out the bubbly - we don’t need to be told twice!

Caramel Blonde

Dark roots cascading into light carmely hair ribbons of delight - the hair wonder that is caramel blonde. When we think of blonde hair colours, this hue is not just a trend, it’s forever locked in our hair colour time capsule. This shade is a low-maintenance way to add depth to your brunette locks and a stunning way to illuminate your already-blonde tresses. For curly-haired beauties, this is a fantastic way to frame your face and add some dimension that will turn all the heads. We can confirm, caramel blonde is just as yummy as it sounds!


Cream Soda Blonde

Riding the line between brunette and blonde - more so the latter - has never looked so beautiful. Too blonde to be considered bronde, cream soda has been one of the most requested hair colours amongst celebrity stylists, and with good reason. The hue gives a natural glowing effect that is so bloomin’ pretty, we just can’t look away. Thanks to its beige and warm gold undertones, this hair colour can look especially stunning on warmer skin tones. If you want to keep your hair and colour healthy, then pick up some Matrix Color Obsessed Shampoo. A stylist favourite, it not only protects the integrity of your hair, but the creamy colour we love so much. Shiny, soft strands = hair goals.


Silver Blonde

The hipster sister of our top blonde hair colours, this shade instantly dishes cool, silvery siren vibes. If testing trends is your thing, then this is the hue for you. Silver hair will continue to be huge in 2019 but not everyone wants to take the full-silver plunge. Silver blonde allows you to test drive the silver hair trend with a less dramatic effect (although you can still go full-silver if you’re up to it, we encourage being bold!) Think a soft platinum with hints of grey or even silvery violet. Since it’s so light, one of the big benefits of this colour is that you can super easily switch it up when you’re bored - we’re talking to you, colour chameleons. Keep in mind that with such a bold shade comes the responsibility of keeping strands healthy and silky. L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Blondifer Mask makes life on the lighter side much easier. It intensely nourishes hair fibres while keeping your colour game strong.


Be bold. Live up to blonde’s reputation and have some hair colour fun!

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