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Hair Colour Inspo: Brunette Hair Colours You'll Fall In Love With

Elizabeth Hall
22 October 2018
woman with brunette hair and red lipstick

Who says blondes get to have all the fun? Brunette hair colours come in many shades - when left with so many choices, you need some inspiration to help get you out of the rut that is hair colour indecisiveness. The hair colour ideas are endless as you can fine-tune brown hair right down to the last detail. Without further introduction, check out some of the hottest brunette hair colours of the moment.


Brunette Hair Colours - Which One Is For You?

By now we’re sure you’ve gathered that some hair colours just seem like they were made for you, while some, not so much. The best thing about exploring the brunette world is that there is guaranteed a hue for you! Brown hair colours range from the more dramatic dark mochas to sweet golden honey browns - the shade that suits you best all depends on your own personal colourings. With so many hues at your fingertips, there is no reason to settle for a less-than-perfect shade. Scroll to see the best brunette hair colour ideas experts and the internet have to offer!

Chocolate Brown

This delicious shade has been deemed one of the universally flattering hair colours - it’s just as good as its namesake! It truly is the perfect hair colour, not too dark, not too light, just right. This hue is also quite low maintenance because compared to some other shades, chocolate brown doesn’t turn brassy quite so easily. Our hair prayers have been answered. This colour is sophisticated and subtle - it adds a warm glow if you’re transitioning from black and a stunning hair-eye contrast if you’re going from a lighter shade. As with any transformational hair colour, roots are likely to rear their unwanted heads at some point. To meet the beast head-on in between salon appointments, look to Redken Root Fusion Brown, which will temporarily top up your chocolate in the form of a spray.


Another tasty name, another suits-all shade. The hazelnut hue is the perfect blend of warm and cool tones that can be played with to suit a myriad of complexions. The hazelnut hue can also make for an excellent base if you’re wanting to do an ombre or even just add face-framing highlights. Because it hosts both cool and warm tones, you can really shake this colour up in any direction if you want a change afterwards. Some gold accents and a hair gloss can also complement this colour beautifully. If your hair is on the lighter side and worried about grow out, the pros have blessed us again with the lighter Redken Root Fusion Light Brown to get us by in between root touch-ups. This shade truly is a timeless trend when it comes to brown hair colours.


Radiant brown with the prettiest shimmering auburn tones = mahogany. If you’re a natural brunette and a tad colour shy, this is a good shade to try out. Ask your stylist to lift your colour (a few shades lighter than your natural colour) to a reddy tone a few shades lighter than your natural colour for a subtle yet fiery transition. If you want to add dimension to your new shade, try sprinkling in some lighter highlights to your base colour, in order to brighten up the face and add some depth. This shade can suit anyone if mixed with the right tones, but is always flawless on those with warm, olive skin tones because it brings out the warmth in your skin and eyes. 


70’s retro is back and trending hard at the moment. Fawn is the lightest shade of brunette hair colours and it gives us some serious time capsule nostalgia. First made popular back in the retro days, the just-sun-kissed effect has us swooning! The biggest bonus: this colour looks better as grow-out appears. We’re sold. Be mindful that a lighter brown shade can be prone to reddy hues eventually shining through, so it’s prudent to guard against this unwanted byproduct with a trusty product arsenal. L’Oréal Professional CC Cream For Brunettes removes traces of red to keep your brown hair cool and brilliant. Another option for colour-shy honies, fawn lets you get close to blonde without having to take the real leap to light. If you do desire a stronger blonde presence, fawn pairs particularly well with blonde babylights, adding some serious dimension. We feel ready to rock this retro shade.


Classy, sophisticated and low maintenance, brown hair is definitely a hair colour you should ponder at least once in your life. And with these gorgeous ideas, joining the dark side has never been easier!

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