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Hair Colour Inspo: How To Get A Little Red Into Your Hair Colour

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
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Goodness gracious, great balls of fire. If you’re looking to reignite your hair colour, you’ve come to the right place! The uniqueness and rarity of red hair makes it a fave among the masses - only around 2% of the world is born with this rare hair colour. If you’re thinking you can’t pull off red hair, it’s time to rewind - it’s just about finding your bespoke shade. Keep reading for the lowdown on our favourite red hair ideas for you to get to know your best crimson goddess self.

The Right Way To Get Red Hair

Most of us have experienced that pang of envy when we see a redhead strut by with lustrous, fiery strands that she manages to pull off so effortlessly. Red hair is timeless: a little piece of vintage reminiscent of Old Hollywood glam and more importantly, a subtle way to make a big statement. Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that red hair is reserved exclusively for the English roses of the world, when in actual fact, it can be pulled of by anyone - you just need to consider a few things first. Let’s explore what the pros have to say about finding your redhead alter ego.

 1. Let the undertones do the talking: Top colourists have assured us that literally anyone can rock red hair - yes, it’s true. It comes down to focusing on your undertones. Warmer undertones should try warm, gingery colours like tangerine red. Cooler undertones suit cinnamon, cherry or mahogany red hair colours. That said, there isn’t a rigid redhair rulebook - this is just a general guide to make your skin glow and your red locks radiate. 

2. Consider the work: The transition and maintenance of red hair will vary a lot depending on the original shade you started with, i.e. mahogany will glide over brunette shades like magic, whereas strawberry blonde not so much (darker red pigments cling to hair molecules easier). Looking for a change-up to your blonde? Copper blends beautifully into blonde hair because the red hair molecule takes to lighter strands with ease, without being too drastic.

3. How bold are you: If going full ginger has you feeling hesitant, don’t stress. Red hair colours come in a huge range so you can go full redhead or just add some fiery flecks (a subtle rose gold or champagne balayage, even a brown to neon red ombre - spicy!). If you’re opting for a complete root to tip transformation, consider the upkeep - red hair calls for an extra bout of TLC! (Keep scrolling to find out how.)

4. You may need to change your makeup routine: Everyone knows that even after a slight shade switch-up comes an adjustment to your makeup - there is no exception when going red. A little bronzer, swipe of mascara and a neutral lip pairs well with red hair and has you looking red haute.

Life After Red Hair

Every day is a good hair day - you’re waking up with radiant red hair! However, red hair fades the fastest (red is the largest colour molecule so it slips out of the hair every time you wash), so pros say to not wash your strands until after a week you’ve gone red. They also say to try and limit your shampooing to once a week - hello dry shampoo! When you do wash, use a red-enhancing shampoo to keep your colour ravishing. Stylists recommend using Matrix Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner. This winning duo is enriched with Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil to combat the challenges of dry, colour-treated hair - BRB, we’ll be stocking up on these hair goodies.

Next, let’s talk eyebrows: if you want your red hair to look more natural then it’s important to make sure that your brows match your hair (varying only 2-3 shades off). Whether you dye them or colour them in with a pencil, just make sure you adjust accordingly - unless a stark hair-eyebrow contrast is your thing, of course!

Ever heard of hair gloss? You guessed it - it’s a bit like lip gloss, but for your tresses instead! Using one of these about 3 weeks after you’ve gone red will help tone, refresh and correct your colour while injecting gawkable shine. Ask your stylist about Redken Shades EQ Gloss the next time you’re in the salon chair.

If you’ve always wondered what life would be like on the red side, it’s time to take action and embark on your quest to find your perfectly-suited red hue - it’s out there. Trust us and relight your fire!

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