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Hair Goals: How You Can Get Platinum Hair

18 September 2018
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The lightest shade of blonde (AKA platinum hair) has made its mark and has become somewhat of a statement to completely reinvent your look. White hair is chic and edgy without breaking all the rules. Think of platinum hair like your favourite white t-shirt - you have to treat it with care. If you’re ready to go all-white then there are some things you should know before taking the arctic plunge. We walk you through what to expect during the process, as well as the step-by-step the journey of getting bright blonde hair with the expert help of Adam Reed of Percy and Reed and L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassador. Let’s plunge into the icy shade how-to.

Platinum Hair Step 1: Consult Your Stylist And Agenda

If you weren’t close with your hairdresser before, prepare to be! Platinum hair requires a long-term relationship with your stylist as you will need to go in to get touch-ups every 6-8 weeks (especially if you’re naturally a darker shade). You will also need to instill your faith into him/her to educate you on exactly what is achievable - note that if you already have damaged, jet black hair, a true white platinum just might not be attainable. We asked Adam how we can get that celeb style platinum hair, “a lot of the celebrities we see with platinfum blonde hair are wearing wigs.” He warns. Talking is key, trust your stylist! Adam advises doing your research before taking the hot seat;


My advice is that you learn the implications of committing to platinum hair, most hair will need bleaching to get to this shade and you will have to tone you hair to achieve this colour. It is likely to include two trips to the salon.

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

If you’re starting from a dark brown colour then anticipate more than one session - this is not a process to be rushed. An initial consultation with your hairdresser is recommended to discuss exactly what shade you’re after - believe it or not, there is a vast spectrum. Ranging from creamy off-whites to violet-toned platinums, you want to know what shade you’re after so you can guide your colourist in the direction you want.

The second consultation you want to make will be with your calendar. White hair is one of the most transformational (but rewarding) transitions you can make. Those who have taken the icy dive say that you want to make sure you don’t have any major events planned before you have transition your colour as you may have to sport an in-between shade. After you’ve had time to adjust to the new you, you can make your white hair debut! 

Step 2: Prepare For Bright Blonde Hair

You’ve had time to think about going platinum and you’re still committed, great. The first preemptive step to embracing this timeless trend is to make sure your strands are in good condition to be bleached. Make hair masks a part of your beauty routine about two weeks before getting platinum hair. Expert tip: Don’t wash your hair a few days prior to reaching for the bleach to help eliminate scalp discomfort - in this case, sebum (grease) will be your protective pal.  

Achieving silky white strands should always be left to a professional. This process is more complex than you think and the result’s beauty will not be optimised if done in your four walls. Your stylist will carefully mix bleach with developer to lighten your locks.

It’s not a quick service or easy to maintain. That’s why it is important to visit the salon and incorporate a bonding system like Smartbond

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

Using a bonding system as Adam recommends, like L’Oréal Professionnel’s Smartbond during the colouring stages and aftercare will ensure your hair stays stronger, for longer. After the developing time (varies depending on your original hair colour) and rinsing you will then get acquainted with a platinum hair must - toner. The toner will give you the brilliant white hair you desire instead of a brassy yellow.

Step 3: Maintain Your White Hair

The last step of your platinum hair journey is maintenance. The aftercare of getting bright blonde hair is perhaps the most important part of the entire process because it determines the longevity of your platinum. But don’t fret, we’ve found the expert-approved products to protect your white hair.

The pros are all about the Pureology Perfect4Platinum range that consists of shampoo, conditioner, a leave-in treatment, and a protein-infused mask to keep your bright blonde hair nourished and shiny. In addition to being 100% organic (win), the range is infused with keravis (a vegetable protein), and can leave your hair feeling stronger. This hair-saving range can repair the signs of damage left from the lifting process of bleach so your icy strands stay fortified and fresh; definitely products you want to pick up if you’re dedicated to being a brilliant bright blonde. 

If you’ve thought about taking the plunge for some time, the time is now. Platinum hair is the trend of trends and it’s not going anywhere - be a bodacious bright blonde and try life on the lighter side!

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