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Hair Toner: The Secret To A Seamless Shade Switch-Up

Elizabeth Hall
27 November 2019
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Even the most self-proclaimed hair colour chameleons out there may not have a clue what a toner is… which brings us to the important questions like, what does a toner do to your hair? Well, it’s actually the most vital step in your hair colouring process - yeah, NBD. And as it turns out, learning a bit of salon lingo can seriously work in your favour. This article serves as a treasure chest filled with all you need to know about hair toners: what they do, why they’re trending in the beauty world, and best at-home products to own your shade like a pro. Looking for the best toner for bleached hair or still wondering what does a toner do to your hair? We cover that and so much more so you can benefit with your best hair colour yet. Scroll through to be humbly enlightened.

First Thing’s First: What Does A Toner Do To Your Hair?

Ah, the all-important question: what does a toner do to your hair? Most blondes crave a cool effect, which means neutralising any brassiness… that’s where the toner comes in. Toners are used after and in between colour treatments to ensure you have a bespoke tone you’re obsessed with. If you want to freshen up your shade in between salon appointments, toners can be applied every 2-3 weeks as a sure way to extend your hair colour crush. Long live vibrancy! We should mention that no two toners are the same - they’re used for subtle shifts in tonality, like adding cool or warm tones to your hair colour. With so many toners on the market, choosing the right one is basically an art that is best left to the professional colourists.

woman with long blonde toner treated hair

Let’s examine a few of the marvels of hair toners, shall we?

  • Colour correction: by depositing contrasting tones of the colour slice onto hair, toners not only adjust your shade to best suit you, but they serve as an excellent way to seamlessly blend your highlights for your best shade aesthetic to-date. Example: using a silver toner for hair can erase those unwanted blorange pigments that will inevitably pop up… but we’ll dive more into that later, promise.
  • Gloss: you can find products packed with moisturising agents that will leave your hair with a mirror-like shine, AKA “glossing”. When the glossing process is applied to virgin hair, you’re left with a varnish-like effect that doesn’t alter the hair colour.
  • Protects strands: if the benefits weren’t already winning enough, toners can actually protect the hair fibre whilst leaving your locks full of lustre. Dreamy.

Trending Search: “What Does A Toner Do For Your Hair?”

You’re here because, like everyone, you’re curious about the hype surrounding this pro-developed product that will keep your hair colour looking fresh Are you wondering what does a toner do to your hair? Perhaps you already have a dedicated Pinterest board with your most lusted-after hair inspo… well, guess what? It’s safe to say the majority of celebs are using a toner during and after the colouring process for a perfectly bespoke shade (just ask the supermodels) - it’s pretty standard in salons these days.

woman with long brunette toner treated hair

Leave it to the “It” girls to popularise long-lasting beauty trends. The thing is, they’re more than a trend, they allow people to take control of their colour from their shower. With so many at-home toners available on salon shelves, product paralysis is sure to strike. Avoid the hassle of staring at an endless sea of products and ask your stylist for some guidance when selecting your bespoke toner. We love the movement that’s happening in the beauty world of owning your own blonde - and also low maintenance hair care is the best kind.

A Blonde’s Secret Weapon: Best Toner For Bleached Hair

Living life on the lighter side may require a bit more maintenance, but with these at-home toners, you can take control of your shade. We’ve sorted which products should be on your shelf, take a peek below:

  • Recharge & Revive: the colour oxidation process is known to damage hair over time, it’s just a somber fact. Take back your lock’s integrity with the pro-favourite Kérastase Blond Absolu RangeThis brass-neutralising collection not only boosts colour luminosity, but hydrates hair whilst protecting it from oxidation. How could a blonde not have more fun when blessed with such a range? Another purple shampoo to freshen up your ‘do (that’s packed with hair goodies) - the Redken Blondage RangeFormulated with Triple Acid Complex tones to break up with brass and strengthen hair in the process… sold.
  • Stay Cool: if you’re craving an icier hue, or have decided to switch up a lacklustre pastel, the Matrix Brass Off Range has answered your hair’s prayers. Bonus: because the pigments are blue, the opposite of orange on the colour wheel, it counteracts unwanted red tones in brunettes. Bye, bye brass.

With such a marvelous wealth of toners in-salon, it’s necessary to seek help from the pros for the final finish you’re looking for. Now go on, own that shade like a boss!

Interested in learning more about toners? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair professional near you.

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