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Hello Yellow Hair – The New Hot Hair Colour That’s Taking Over

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21 January 2019
woman with short curly yellow hair colour

Hello, Yellow Hair!

Egg yolk tone to sticky note neon, yellow is the not-so-mellow colour we’re seeing all over social media right now. From celebrities, to bloggers, to salon owners, it’s the on-trend vivid shade that screams bold colour. Mentions of #yellowhair has racked up 270k mentions (and counting) on Instagram.

Why so popular? Colour ranges have upped their game on high-fashion vivids, making bold yellow hair way more achievable in the back washes – and less likely to fade out after a few washes. Hair colour on the catwalk has become a focus across the globe in recent years, giving colour the pedestal it deserves. A colour called Lucky Duck Yellow is one of the fiercest hero shades in Matrix’s newest bold hair colour range, SoColor Cult.

Clients are requesting brighter and bolder colours more than ever before. It’s perfect timing with the launch of SoColor Cult,” says Desmond Murray, Artistic Director for Matrix. The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

The Yellow For You…

Yellow hair isn’t a one-fits-all colour. It comes in a multitude of tones from oh-so-soft pastel yellow hair, to in-your-face neon yellow hair. The colour you choose will depend on how bold you want to go, and the type of yellow that perks up your complexion (which is dictated by how cool or warm your skin tone is).

Mellow Yellow

If you have very warm skin, avoid a yellow that’s too red-based. A cooler pastel tone yellow will work better on you, because icy hues tend to neutralise redness.

Classic Yellow

If you have fair skin with cool undertones, you’ll look amazing with a classic daffodil-inspired yellow for a high-impact look that won’t wash you out.

Look-At-Me Yellow

If you have extreme pale or tanned skin, contrasting with a super-saturated yellow, verging on neon, can look amazing. If in doubt, consult your colourist.

Post-Colour Confidence

You’ve got your dream yellow hair, now it’s time to keep it. Hold on to your candy-coloured hue with colour-protecting products and hair treatments, which can play a major part in keeping your yellow looking vibrant and bold. When it comes to vivid shades, your at-home maintenance needs to be virtually salon standard…

Switch up your selfie: Coloured hair demands a more protective washing regime to maintain that yellow. Use a sulphate-free range that won’t strip your colour, like Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner.It not only helps fortify colour-treated hair, but gives you a soft, velvety finish to maximise your yellow hair tones.

Go for safer styling: You can still be versatile with styling when you’ve got yellow hair, but be aware that excess heat from your straighteners or curling tongs can cause your colour to change and fade. Like a guard for your colour, try spritzing Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer Spray before styling – it not only accelerates your blow dry, but protects coloured heat from potentially cuticle-damaging temperatures of up to 230˚. Alternatively, try heatless hair styling and completely avoid the heat tools.

Yellow Sticky Notes

Thinking about turning to the yellow side? Read on to debunk the myths about dying your hair yellow. These are the things to note:

Q: Do I need to bleach my hair before turning yellow?

A: To achieve the boldest, vivid yellow possible, your hair will usually need to be pre-lightened first, which is why it’s worth leaving it to the colourist experts and using a vivid range like SoColor Cult. Most colours are achievable with time, so always get a consultation with your colourist to find out your yellow hair journey.

Q: How do I find a yellow that suits me?

A: It’s all about finding a yellow tone that complements your skin tone and eye colour. Your colourist can help you find a tone that’s cool or warm, subtle or bold, but also what will hold in your hair so you get longevity from your yellow.

Q: Do I have to go for one all-over yellow hue?

A: If you don’t want a ‘just yellow’ look, try a colour that combines fiery tones so that your roots are a darker colour to your ends and flatters your face. Using a technique like seamless blending will merge three vivid colours, like SoColor Cult’s Red Hot, Orange Alert and Lucky Duck Yellow.

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