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How To Get Mahogany Hair And 3 Shades We Adore

11 September 2018
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Want to give your hair a boost of luxury? The mahogany hair trend can give your locks the bold, unique colour you’ve been coveting without being too dramatic. Vivid whilst retaining its elegance, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular hair colours around the world. The realm of mahogany coloured hair is endless and does not disappoint. Perhaps one of the best things about this nature-inspired hue is that your stylist can offer you a totally bespoke shade. This colour is perfect for those wanting to dip their toes in the hair colouring world without being too bold. Let’s explore why this is a trend that just won’t end!

What Is Mahogany Hair?

 If you want to make a statement with your hair without doing anything too bold or extra, a mahogany hair colour allows you to get the best of both worlds. Mahogany hair refers to a family of rich, multidimensional shades. There are two major shades that make up a mahogany hair colour: red and violet. The precise combination ensures you won’t end up with fiery red hair, but rather a deep and complex hue - a reason this melange is left best to the pros. It’s hair art!

How To Get The Perfect Mahogany Hair Colour

As with any hair colour, the end result varies on the base colour you’re starting with. A mahogany hair colour wins the award for max shine and we’re all about embracing this silky, iridescent hue. When worked onto a dark brown to black base, you’re left with a stunning high-gloss finish. If you’re going from a lighter shade - like blonde, you get an almost ginger shade that will not disappoint. Your experienced colourist will have a good idea of what to expect and offer you a consultation on your beautifully bespoke shade. The aesthetic of this hue has us swooning. Make sure you keep your colour longer by using a haircare system designed to prevent fade such as Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner.

Who Is The Best Candidate For Mahogany Hair?

If it’s just a dose of shine you’re after, mahogany hair is worth considering. The colour suits people with light skin and lacklustre hair and it’s an easy way to neutralise ashier tones and give hair more radiance. As always, a good stylist will take a customised approach, taking into consideration your skin tone, natural hair colour, and personal style to ensure you get the best result. The L'Oréal Professionnel Majirel French Browns Collectionis the perfect permanent hair colour collection designed specifically for brunettes - it offers a whole spectrum of beautifully natural brown shades, allowing your stylist to customise a shade that best compliments your complexion to give you a gorgeous, long lasting and intense colour that provokes major hair envy.


Here Are Our Top 3 Mahogany Hair Colour Shades

Classic Mahogany Hair

The most classic take on mahogany hair, this shade is the perfect medley of red, violet, and brown. If you have naturally dark hair and want to give your hair a boost of shine without being too out there, this traditional take on mahogany hair is sure to turn heads without requiring you to step too far outside of your comfort zone.

Red Mahogany Hair

Fancy something a little more adventurous? Red mahogany hair combines vibrant red and violet shades to give you a more avant-garde result. If you’re feeling fearless or just want to crank up the bold factor, talk to your stylist about trying out a red mahogany hair colour.

Mahogany Auburn Hair

Mahogany auburn hair is the perfect hue for those wanting a more natural-looking result - this one’s for you, colour-shy babes. This shade combines traditional red and violet tones with caramels and warm browns to give you a more multi-toned, sun kissed look… it truly works complexion wonders.

Ultimately, achieving the best result is all about finding a colourist that understands the importance of taking a customised approach when trying out new hair trends. It’s necessary to adapt the colour to each individual and their unique style because you do you, girl. With so many options and techniques to try out, there’s surely a bespoke hue for you. Ask and you shall receive.

Itching to hop on the mahogany hair train? Ask your stylist to help you uncover the perfect rich hue for you!

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