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The Best Of Both Worlds: How To Have Blonde And Brown Hair

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
2 women back to back with straight blonde and brown hair

When it comes to switching up our shade, most of us are intimidated by drastic results. Until recently, blonde and brown hair colours were seen as distinctly separate hues, and could even play a significant role in our identity. It’s time to cast these hair colour-identifiers aside by combining our two favourite classic colours and going… bronde! Yes, you can have both blonde and brown hair and it’s oh-so stunning. Let’s explore how to paddle in the shallows of blonde and brown, without having to commit to a dramatic change.

Blonde + Brown Hair = Sun-kissed Bronde

Looking like you didn’t try is #hairgoals. This effortless, off-duty supermodel combo of blonde and brown hair can be born by whisking in the perfect amount of blonde colour into your brown hair to illuminate your beautiful face. The bronde trend was brought to us a few years back but the popularity hasn’t wavered thanks to beauty bloggers and the fact that the colour is so just gorgeous. If your end goal is to have a je ne sais quoi appeal - it’s time to dip your toe in the waters of bronde. Here are a few ways to get the surfer girl look you crave with a more “au naturel” approach:


T-sectioned Highlights

These highlights were designed for those who just want to brighten up the hair around their face. L’Oréal Professionnel Instant Highlights offer a speedy 30-45 minute service perfect for this type of face-framing effect. Normally, t-sectioned highlights are done where you would normally part your hair. Instead of a full head of bleach, a stylist strategically places these rays of sunshine throughout the top quarter of your brown head of hair.


Blonde and brown hair have never looked better than in an ombré gradient. This trend isn’t going away; it’s still evolving. The art of ombré involves a gradual transition of dark roots to lighter tips. Staying true to your brown roots has never been easier (literally). If ombré seems too dramatic for your liking, give sombre a try. Sombré is ombré’s more relaxed cousin. To clarify, sombré means “soft or subtle ombré”, and it’s exactly that - a more subtle and further-down gradient from brown to blonde.

Good Ol’ Sunshine:

You can even rely on trusty Mother Nature to get brown-blonde hair, if your hair is naturally brown - after all, bronde is all about a natural, sunkissed effect, so why not actually offer your hair up to the sun’s affection? But just like you wouldn’t leave your skin to fry at the sun’s mercy, it’s important to keep your hair protected. The Kérastase Soleil line is equipped to protect your hair from the harmful rays emitted from the burning ball in the sky. The ultimate sunscreen for your locks!

woman with short blonde curly hair with pink top

Care For Your Colour

The alluring look of dimension that is created by blonde and brown hair may be low maintenance (winning!) but over-bleached, dry strands can be a sight for sore eyes. You want your bronde to brighten up your look, not drag it down with a dull appearance.

For the instantly soft, lustrous hair of your dreams the experts swear by the weekly use of the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Colour Mask to nourish colour-treated hair. Bonus: it also protects against oxidation caused by the light and sun damage. If you want to go one step further for gorgeous hair, ask your stylist about the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Colour in-salon treatment. It represents a next-level system that safeguards the beauty of your coloured-locks whilst creating silky strands you can’t keep your hands off of.

If you aren’t sure about going full towhead but want to switch up your brown hair, book a consultation with your stylist to explore the world of bronde. Meet your hair colour in the middle!

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