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A Touch Of Blush: How To Rock Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights

28 May 2019
person with blonde hair and pink highlights

Carly Hobbs


Carly LOVES everything and anything hair; her locks are her number one accessory so she is always treating them to her favourite products, treatments and salon services so they look their swishy best.

All you have to do is choose just how you fancy introducing pink into your blond; Are you a blonde hair with pink highlights classic style kind of girl? Maybe a pretty pink ombre is for you? Or what about only revealing your blush only when you want, meaning it’s all about the pink hair underneath lengths for you?

Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights: The Awesome Ombre

This version of pink hair is for you if…you love that fade out finish from midlengths to end. Whether you go for blush, pale pink or a slightly deeper hue, the pink hair ombre softly sees your locks turn from blonde to pink seamlessly or vice versa. It’s fun but can also look grown up so may tick your boxes if you need a look that works for, well, work too.

Pink like a pro: "This look can be as soft or as bold as you like with a classic balayage or the new trend for a revage, where the roots would be pink and the ends blonde" says Katie Hale, Colourist at Charles Worthington Salons. "Either way ask your colourist specifically for the shade you want be it rose gold right through to fuchsia"

Katie Hale

Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights: The Hot Highlights

This version of pink hair is for you if…you want a touch of pink all over. Carefully coloured in between your blonde hair, these pink hair highlights will show off any hair style from causal waves to super straight, messy ponytails to easy to sweep up buns. It’s subtle, it’s pretty, it’s so on trend right now.

Pink like a pro: "Post pink highlights it’s key to limit the time you spend using heated tools, they can encourage the shade to fade faster"

Katie Hale

Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights: The Understated Underneath Lengths

This version of pink hair is for you if…you are all for the big reveal but can’t show off your blonde hair with pink highlights all of the time. Ideal for blush fans who have to be a bit less colourful for work, the pink hair underneath lengths can be toned up or down at your request. It’s up to you when you swish and show.

Pink like a pro: "Hidden panels of pink hair underneath your parting work well as they can be seen when the hair is styled in a certain way" adds Katie. "You can try out this fab colour but not be committed to maintain"

Katie Hale

How To Handle Your Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights

Pink hair is pretty. Very pretty. But can also be high maintenance so you need to look after it once you have your blonde hair with pink highlights perfectly in place. Enter the Pureology Hydrate Range. The kind to strands Pureology Hydrate Shampoo cleans things up without stripping away any of your pink hair pinkness thanks to its mild cleansing status plus the coloured hair-friendly green tea and peppermint extracts; And the Pureology Hydrate Conditioner continues the good work, both these beautifiers offer up UVA and UBV protection too, meaning your blonde hair with pink highlights won’t fade as you style it out.

woman with short pink hair

And talking about styling your blonde hair with pink highlights then it is all about Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-tasking Spray it does everything from priming your pink hair to protecting it. Use it to style, post-cleansing or whenever your blonde hair with pink highlights needs some shine and let the clever anti-fade technology work its magic. And finally at least once a week treat your pink hair to Pureology Colour Fanatic Instant Deep Conditioning Mask worked on from the mid-lengths to the ends it will help polish your pink, prevent split ends and damage as well carrying on the daily UV protection work, vital for anyone with blonde hair with pink highlights. Enjoy life on Team Pink!

Interested in pink hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you.
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