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19 December 2018

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A History of Pink Hair 

Pink used to ooze punk, it was never a hair colour that was so readily spotted up and down the high street. We would connote pink hair with rebels and creatives or teens having a bit of fun ahead of their favourite band’s gig. It was also seen as a temporary ‘fun’ colour that we could wash in and out from one day to the next. The days of rinse-in rinse-out colour has passed and we now seek commitment! We swipe-left to a relationship with pink hair for the long haul and finally have the tools and expert tips to get you pink in a wink.

Why We Love Pink Hair

Our love affair with pink hair doesn’t spawn from our lust for a reconnection to our childhood, far from it! We’re falling in love with the complexion warming hue that passes as the latest accessory and gives us an instant glow. With the vast array of pink hues, we can always find the perfect pantone for ourselves to suit our skin tones, complement our blush or help our highlighter to pop. It’s also because it’s now easier than ever to go into salon and get a professional pink service without getting a funny look at reception.

We’ve got Instagram, influencers and celebs to thank for the promotion of a pink ‘do as we now expect what we want at our fingertips. Neon pink? You got it! Bubblegum pink? No problemo!

Who Should Get Pink Hair?

You don’t have to be ‘extra’ to adorn your tresses with a rosy hue but you do need to decide what pink you’re looking for. Before you go ahead and tell your stylist to give you a Barbie blush, ensure you think to yourself what hair colour suits me best and what you are aiming towards. One person’s rose pink is another person’s bright pink, so gather some image references. 

You’ll also want to think about your complexion, if you’re prone to redness – opt for a creamy, soft pastel pink that won’t accentuate any redness. If you’re skins looking a little dull and lacklustre, you can get away with a bolder pink, the bonus here is that it’ll fade into a beautiful softer pink over time too.

Top Tip: Think about your wardrobe – do you wear a lot of colours that will clash with a certain tone of pink? When you change your hair colour it sometimes means a wardrobe refresh is in order so if all your best gear is a clash made in hair hell, either pick a different shade or head to the shops (what a great excuse to go shopping…!)
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What Sarah Says About Getting Pink Hair

We met with Sarah Black, expert colourist of Linton & Mac and winner of L’Oréal Professionnel’s Colour Trophy Award 2017 and invited her to transform the lovely Sydney over to the pink side. Sydney’s hair was partially lightened and she didn’t want to go block pink, but more of a balayage effect. Opting for a block pink will mean you need to get evenly lightened hair from root to tip and will give you one consistent tone
"If you want to achieve a true, clean pink, then you will need to work from a light blonde base. This means if you have a dark brunette or red base that you will firstly need to have your hair pre-lightened." Advises Sarah. 

Sarah Black Colour Expert at Linton and Mac

However, if you’re not keen on lightening your whole head then going to a balayage pink tone is a good option.Which pink will suit my hair best? We hear you ask! You’ve come to the right place. 

Pastel Pink

The softer, more delicate shade of baby pink is a popular and less intense way to be part of the pink patrol. 
"Pastels are a great way of embracing more experimental colour without a huge commitment.” Says Sarah “Pink especially is soft, feminine and not a million miles away from blonde, so it doesn't feel like such a scary step." 

Sarah Black Colour Expert at Linton and Mac

Your stylist will be able to mix a bespoke pastel shade for you by mixing the perfect shade. TIP: Just remember, the fairer you go, the quicker the colour will fade.

Hot Pink

Looking for hot pink hair? Us too!
"Vivid colour has become a lot more mainstream which is exciting.” Sarah is not only a top colourist, she too has worn the pink hair trend and many other shades of vivid to boot! “The colour palette is virtually limitless now, so you can really play with your shade and switch it up easily. I love the difference a real vibrant pop of colour can make.” TIP: Opting for a brighter pink will mean you stay pinker for longer, you will eventually see your hair fade into a beautiful pastel pink or peach (depending on the product used).

Sarah Black Colour Expert at Linton and Mac

Hint of Pink

Not ready to commit to full-on fuchsia locks? 
"Start by introducing ribbons of colour, this is very subtle and just reveals a flash of pink. Then, you can see if you like it and go from there." 

Sarah Black Colour Expert at Linton and Mac

This is a surefire way to find out if you want to take the next step towards pinkification. 

Rose Gold

If you are a golden blonde already, layering pink over the top can result in beautiful rose gold hair. Make sure you have a reference image to show your stylist so you know you are on the same wavelength.
woman with long pink hair

How To Get Pink Hair

Ok so you’re in a relationship with the idea of going pink, but what does that entail? You’ll most likely need to have your hair lightened if you don’t already have blonde or fair hair so make sure you don’t wash your hair on the day of your appointment, it is best to leave your hair unwashed as long as possible (two days before is a good place to start). If you do need lightening, you’ll have to let that develop and rinse before the pink goes near the sink. Your stylist will either apply the pink mix to your wet strands or on dry hair which can either be at the sink or your chair.

How To Care For Pink Hair

Now your part of the pink ladies gang, you need to hold onto your hair colour as it does tend to fade quickly due to the red dyes particles being bigger than other colours, this means they wash away quicker sadly. Sarah advises us that “whether you are more subtle or go bright and bold, the care element of the hair is always crucial." We have crafted some top tips to help you latch onto your locks’ new tone. Follow these steps for colour-lasting lushness;

1.Cold Water Rinse 
Turn the temperature down in your shower to see your colour last a little longer. This will also promote shine and keep your hair healthy!
2.Care Squad
Use a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner, "After investing in your new pink shade make sure you are protecting it at home - try Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Condition which will not only help to lock in the colour but also keep the hair nourished and hydrated."

How To Wear Pink Hair And Still Look Sophisticated

Long are the days of pink being for angry teens or pop princesses, we are in the age of hair glory where following a crafted care system and visiting a seasoned colour professional will result in rosy Rapunzel locks fit for Hollywood. The key to avoiding your pink hair looking more teen that supreme is to ensure firstly that your colour is done by a pro. The even coverage, precise shade you desire and hair health benefits are the differences that you will appreciate later down the line. 

The second step to luxe pink hair is to style it to perfection, such a bold colour calls for sleek waves, organised texture or poker straight strands to give it the maturity to elevate your hair authority.

Whatever you do, own your pink hair and enjoy it! 

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