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It's Not Blonde Or Brunette, Honey It's Bronde! What is Bronde Hair And Why You Need To Try It

Elizabeth Hall
22 October 2018
back of womans head with long bronde hair

What do you get when you cross blonde and brunette? We’re not joking, there’s a name for it - it’s bronde!  Why choose one when you can have both? This natural-looking shade strikes a gorgeous, subtle balance in between the two classic hair colours and the variations are endless. Natural bronde appears as the result of taking a month vacation in the Bahamas - pure sun-kissed hair. We have no doubts as to why it’s a favourite among supermodels.

Can’t Decide Between Blonde or Brunette? Introducing Bronde.

Whether you’ve been calling it dark honey blonde or light brunette - the bronde hair colour trend began in 2015 when a wave of the most well-known supermodels adopted this gorgeously natural shade. The popularity has only risen over recent years, and we get why: it gives blondes stunning depth and dimension whilst giving brunettes a more illuminated hair without having to plunge to platinum.

Bronde can lean towards a cool or warm tone given the wide variation of routes to choose from. Name a more universally flattering hair colour, we’ll wait. If you’re a colour-virgin or are afraid of change, then this hue was made for you. You’re in control of how subtle you want your colour to be - just make sure you leave this job to a professional, because as effortless as it looks, going bronde takes some skill.

Bronde hair colour

The Bronde Transition

This shade is perfect for the risk-averse and low-maintenance beauties because the grow-out looks natural. This stunning combination of blonde and brunette enhances your look rather than completely changing it so you can rest assured that you won’t walk out of the salon having an identity crisis. You can choose between a permanent dye (fades slowly over time) or go with a semi-permanent colour (lasts about 6 weeks and tends to fade progressively).

One of our favourite things about bronde is that it can be accomplished in countless ways: balayage, ombre, face-framing highlights, all-over bronde - you name it! If there was a one-hair-colour-fits-all, it’s bronde. So if you’re a brunette looking to spice up your look or a blonde wanting sophisticated dimension, it’s time to go bronde.

How To Achieve The Perfect Bronde

The stylist always knows best - achieving the most suitable shade of bronde for you will therefore require a discussion with yours. By identifying your skin tone and lifestyle with your hairdresser, you can work together to determine which shade of sun-kissed bronde best suits you. The journey to bronde is usually a three-step process:

1. Start with the base: Your stylist may dye in some roots for this look. This is hair art, and one of the many reasons you must leave the dye job to a pro. 

2. Highlight: It’s time to customise! You and your stylist will then determine where to paint your personalised highlights - the highlights will be lighter and will have a beautiful shimmering-effect. You will want to strategically place your highlights to accentuate your best features: think cheekbones, eyes, jawline… A natural-looking makeover? Sold.

3. Tone it down: Your hairdresser will probably finish off with a hair toner, giving you the exact colour you want. It’s an important step because it brings that dimensional contrast that makes bronde hair colour so pretty! Spritz some Matrix Hello Blondie Illuminator spray for a bright and radiant enhancement of your blonde colour.

If you’re really excited about trying bronde but are pressed for time, talk to your stylist about the Redken Express Blonde service that will transform you into the California beach bum of your dreams in under 45 minutes. Not only is it super speedy, it’s completely customised to realise your very own, personal colour dreams.

The perfect balance of brunette and blonde now has a name - bronde. It’s time to dip your toe in the hair-colouring world and embrace the beautiful union of the two most classic hair colours. You won’t be disappointed!


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