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Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights - What Shade And How

Elizabeth Hall
29 January 2019
woman with light brown hair and blonde highlights siting down

Introducing the must-have colour of the season: light brown hair with blonde highlights. If you’re looking for an illuminating yet natural brunette shade, this hue is for you. When your brown shade is feeling a bit “meh”, it’s time to flair things up and add some blonde highlights! Light brown hair with blonde highlights gives you the best of both worlds - a lustrous brunette base with sun-kissed touches of blonde. We talk you through this gorgeous shade for best results. Turn that frown around with beautiful light brown!

Why We’ve Fallen For Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Right off the bat, the first thing we love about this colour is how natural it looks. For those not inclined to make drastic changes to their ‘do, this one’s for you! Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it can’t work wonders for your look: it softens the features, brings warmth to the face, and it even adds sensuality by making the hair look healthy and silky! Light brown hair with blonde highlights is making a case for itself… and we’re drawn to it.

We love how it elevates the hair, making flat hair colour a thing of the past. So if you’re looking for added dimension and a colour that radiates natural beauty, this is it. As a plus, literally anyone can rock it - just ask your colourist to give you a bespoke shade to complement your natural colourings. Your stylist will adapt the colour to fit you and your style; there are so many options and techniques to flirt with - contouring, point balayage, flash, or smooth degrade. Playing with lights and shadows can really make this look stand out without being too flashy. Gorge.

Get Bespoke Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Channel your inner Earth goddess with some of our favourite brunette pairings. We’re crazy about the look of a brown hair balayage with a darker base for sunkissed tresses that look like they came straight from the beach. Alternatively, if you want more of a contrast in your gradient to make your light brown hair with blonde highlights pop, ombre is the way to go! What a beautiful contradiction. 

For a brightened look, caramel highlights and brown hair is just as as delectable as it sounds. If you’re looking to liven things up while still keeping it subtle, look to auburn or cherry highlights for the sweetest take on this brunette shade!

How To Look After Your Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

The depth and dimension that light brown hair with blonde highlights creates would be nothing without a lustrous mane. To keep hair shiny and anything but lacklustre, the secret lies in the products and services that offer your hair potent levels of hydration and nutrition - two words we’re well acquainted with in the hair colouring world. The first step: use a shampoo safe for colour treated hair and be sure to mix a hair mask into your routine once a week. L’Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX is a great choice as it was designed specifically for coloured tresses and it’s a sure way to make sure your brunette never bores. Rub a good serum on the ends for optimal nourishment - we love L’Oréal Professionnel Crème Universelle Mythic Oil, a highly concentrated oil infused with all the hair goodies your locks are thirsty for.

Live your best life with light brown hair with blonde highlights, no filters necessary!

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