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Living Coral Colour Of The Year: Would You Try It?

Elizabeth Hall
26 March 2019
woman with living coral hair colour on short hair

The Pantone Colour Institute has chosen ‘Living Coral’ as the Colour of the Year for 2019 and we couldn’t be more pleased. You have probably already seen the bkeloved peach hair trend all over your social media, but living coral attempts to dives even deeper than peach hair: it’s about getting back in touch with our planet. It represents nature as a powerful force we need to tae care of and nurture, not destroy. No easy feat, but that’s where we come in! Instead of just incorporating the Colour of the Year into your wardrobe, dial up your stylist ASAP to get what will be your most memorable hair colour yet, from peach hair to coral. We have turned to pro, UK Redken Artist, Michelle Marshall to serve you up all the hair inspo you’ll need to inject a bit of coral or peach hair into your beauty game. Keep scrolling!

Be A Mermaid IRL: What Is Living Coral Colour?

Derived from the depths of the sea, this shade has us double-glancing hard - it’s warm, feminine and majestic - just what you need for a truly impressive shade. This lively colour, consisting of melanges of blush pink, stimulating orange, and hints of gold undertones is our new hair colour obsession. The oh-so-lovely contradiction of this bright but gentle colour makes it an easy choice for 2019’s Colour of the Year.

Let’s be honest, it looks strikingly familiar - but where have you seen it? This lovely copper shade has a colour cousin you might be more acquainted with - peach hair. The two are nearly the same, but not quite.

“This Year’s Colour of the Year, living coral is such a lovely wearable shade for our clients; we all remember how popular rose gold and the peachy trend was, well this is like having both of them mixed in one bowl but with a bit more punch. Coral on the pink side, fresh and vibrant for summer”

Michelle Marshall International Redken Artist

Both shades come from the pinkish-orange root, but living coral compared to peach hair has an updated depth and dimension to it, thanks to its golden undertones. If you had an itch to try the peach hair colour, living coral is your chance! Copper fever has taken over the hair colouring world and with this warm gingery-shade, and we’re dying to hop on board. In the midst of the dark, cold wintery days, it’s time to covet coral!

Living Coral: Who Suits This Deep-Sea Shade?

Coral crops are not limited to Instagram influencers, this hair colour suits almost everyone. Not only will this shade give a pop of colour to your all-black closet - finally - but it will brighten up your skin tone during the unforgiving cold season.

Ready to rock and coral? There’s a few things to consider first… do you have a cooler complexion? Does your skin tone lack pink undertones? If you’re nodding in agreeance, good news - living coral is your next shade (well, at least it should be)!

“This will suit a variety of skin tones. Because of the mix that living coral has with the element of pink about it, it will help suit both light warm and cool skin tones. Bonus: it will make green, grey and blue eyes pop!”

Michelle Marshall International Redken Artist

And don’t fret, your colourist can tweak the undertones (warmer or cooler) depending your skin tones. But wait - there’s more! It goes with almost every base hair colour! Check out its attainability below with our helpful lil’ chart:

If you’re a blonde…

Then this is one of the easiest ways to update your ‘do without ruining your strands for an on-trend colour! Warmer tones (like living coral) wash out well without staining your strands - this colour is a hair game-changer for your light locks. If you’re fancying a refresh without compromising the state of your hair, living coral is the colour for you!

If you’re a brunette…

You will need to undergo the pre-lightening process before getting a true coral- peach hair shade. Michelle chimes in with some pro-pointers:

“This will be perfect to customise different services: go global or layer this over your balayage or highlights. Superb as a colour melt going from a natural shade into living coral for brunettes and blondes, this will also be popular for the Insta emerging trend of natural looking shades with a colour pop that peaks through - more than just a hidden panel at the back of your head but more like a veil of natural laying over the colour pop.  A modern take on the 90’s colour block, dark underneath with blonde on top, or vice versa. Unlike the grey trend that needed maximum clean level 10 lift and was only achievable for lighter bases, the warmth of this shade is easier to achieve - no need to worry about always getting maximum lift , you can also use a yellow undertone to your advantage and to support the warmth of the living coral tone which offers longevity”

Michelle Marshall International Redken Artist

Depending on the current state of your locks and how dark they are, you will need to suss out the specifics with your stylist - no two heads are the same, don’t you know. We recommend an in-salon bond building service alongside your lightener to keep your hair from looking lacklustre. Redken pH Bonder is one of our favourite services as it protects the hair fibre throughout the lightening process for healthier, shiner hair with minimal breakage. Your coral colour craving should only be fulfilled by a professional colourist, as always. They not only have your hair’s best interest at heart, but they work with the best products in the biz.

Don’t want to be tide down? Enter: Redken Shades EQ - a demi-permanent colour range (lasts around 24 washes) that will allow you to test the living coral shade or peach hair with low commitment, and us colour chameleons are all about the low-commitment kinda life! Or ask your stylist about Redken City Beats - this semi-permanent range creates the perfect coral-y hue or peach hair for you with even less commitment necessary (lasts around 12 washes).

How To Care For Your Living Coral Coloured Hair

Just as you should take care of nature and its endangered reefs, you should give your living coral coloured locks the TLC they deserve. If you’re keen to rock the Pantone Colour of the Year on your locks then be sure to use products aimed for colour-treated hair. Our go-to? The L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color A-Ox range. This pro favourite seeks to protect your colour whilst boosting radiance and shine - perfect to put the ‘living’ in your living coral!

Our pro’s favourite?

“For living coral, my go-to will be Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner, along with Redken Ph Bonder Step 3 at-home once a week bond peach hair protector. As we know heat will always stop longevity of a shade…  so by using Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer for heat protection and Redken One United leave in treatment for strand strength and hydration under your chosen styling product, you will help maintain the integrity of your coral or peach hair and keep the tone fresher for longer”

Michelle Marshall International Redken Artist

You don’t have to be a mermaid to make living coral your next shade - click here to find your nearest salon!

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