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Mermaid, Unicorn And Rainbow Hair: The Colour Trends That Shaped 2018

22 October 2018
woman with mermaid hair styled up in a bun

Hair Trends In 2018

Whether you’ve gone all out and lived your childhood dream of having multi-coloured princess hair or not this year, there is no denying that 2018 hair colours have been sickly sweet. From the sugar-coated cream soda hair to ice cool platinum hair, demand for colour options is rising. Us Brits are becoming more and more expressive with hair colour so we’re decided to take a look at our top three from the year so far; mermaid hair, unicorn hair and rainbow hair. 

Mermaid Hair

It’s not fiery red hair however that depicts mermaid hair, but rather a spectrum of deep sea blues and rich greens which when altered create an aquatic version of goldilocks. This festival-friendly hair is a winner for those who suit darker hair but pine for vivid colour and have a fly away imagination. Hair stylists have played around with mermaid hair in all manner of ways, from avoiding pre-lightening and toning darker hair to going all out with balayage pieces to allow for a wider spectrum of blue and green shades. 

Unicorn Hair

From one fictional creature to another, the land-lovers version of the mermaid has inspired our next trend – unicorns. So, what is unicorn hair? It’s a pastel rainbow weaved through brilliant blonde hair. A sugar coated rainbow if you will. The pastel hair trend has been huge this year and unicorn hair is a reflection of this, letting you wear yellow, blue, pink and green all at the same time. We defy you to find something cuter and we think this will appear at festivals for the next few years to come.

Rainbow Hair – Rainbow Undercut, Rainbow Fringe

The brighter, bolder unicorn is the rainbow hair trend. The happiest hair anyone can adorn, rainbow hair includes all the colours of the rainbow (unsurprisingly). However, as it is a long journey to achieve such hair royalty, this trend comes in many guises. We have seen 2018 produce variables of rainbow hair from rainbow fringes to rainbow undercuts, a lower commitment with all the fun. Salons are evolving to suit our bespoke requirements and as we are all unique, so our hair is too! So what’s next for rainbow hair? Our bets on rainbow beards.

How Can You Make My Hair Colour Last?

Keep that rainbow glowing by using a haircare routine that’s sure to keep your colour fresh af! Give L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamo Colour Ox Shampoo & Conditioner a whirl, a colour-protecting formula from L’Oreal Professionnel that’s all about locking the colour in and giving you a fierce shine.

Top Tip – Use colder water when washing hair, it will keep your colour going that little bit longer!

With so many trends and so many new exciting colours being launched by brands each year, we’re sure to find other new trends to keep us busy on Instagram and beyond. Looking for some more wearable trends? Try ash pearl blonde or opt for a trending style to give you an update without the colour commitment.

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