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Platinum Ombre: 3 Beautiful Hair Colour Ideas

11 September 2018
3 types of platinum blond hair
It’s easy to fall in love with platinum blonde hair - the shade’s ice queen vibe and cool edge is a look most people can get behind. However, there’s no doubt than an all-over platinum look can be quite daunting, especially if you’re a first timer. So low and behold, our proposition to you is this: platinum ombre. The half-head approach is much less contrasting due to the presence of natural roots, while the colour gradient is truly gorgeous when executed by a professional. If you’re tempted, sit back, relax, and be prepared to dial up your stylist!

The Platinum Ombre Spectrum

If you’re darker in complexion, you might be worried that platinum ombre hair won’t suit you, but we can assure you - your instincts would be misplaced. Historically, coloured blonde strands were linked to having Nordic features like light skin and light eyes, but thankfully that common misconception is a thing of the past as platinum blonde now comes in every variety imaginable - meaning that everyone’s inner ice queen can be unleashed.

Whether you’re feeling a greyish platinum ombre, are leaning towards dark roots or even contemplating a reverse ombre (who said a platinum ombre had to be on the ends, anyway?), keep in mind that the colour trend can be entirely personalised to suit you. Just ask your stylist for their advice to get a bespoke look.

Reverse Turquoise Platinum Ombre

You may conjure up an image of platinum ends when you think about this trend, but why not colour your lengths platinum and tips turquoise? While probably not for the reserved ladies out there, this look will reward you with icy beauty if you are brave enough to take the platinum plunge. To tone the look down slightly, you can always ask your colourist to leave your roots natural.

Emerald Green To Silver Platinum Ombre

A greyish tinge to a platinum ombre can rapidly turn up the hipster gauge on your ‘do, while pairing it with gorgeous emerald roots (or any other vibrant colour) is a look sure to slay. This is a look right at the top of our #colourfulhair list. However, note that with any drastic colour change, the right process and aftercare regimen  is necessary in order to protect your strands. Request that your colourist integrates a bond-protecting product such as L’Oréal Professionnel’s Smartbond or Redken pH Bonder  into the lightener, which will prevent the hair’s internal structure from being compromised.

Classic Platinum Ombre

Or, you can always test the arctic waters of platinum ombre by opting for a classic look, such as a soft platinum on the lengths with a gentle gradient into natural roots. It’s a safe and sure way to change up your look while brightening up the face and not requiring you to be a total hair devil. Keep your colour crisp by using a toning shampoo and conditioner such as Redken’s Blondage or Matrix Brass Off range, use once a week to keep your colour poppin’ fresh!

Look After Your Platinum Ombre

Whatever platinum ombre look you opt for, you want to make sure your colour stays strong and icy cool. The pros tell us our shelves should be stocked with L’Oréal Professionnel Blondifier Shampoo, an OG formula that brightens and strengthens blonde hair thanks to its ceramides-enriched formula - making your life as an icy goddess that much easier and prettier!

Enhance life on the lighter side and illuminate your blonde shade with a platinum ombre!
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