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Power To The Purple: Purple Hair For Dark Locks

13 December 2018
Purple hair dye for dark hair
You may be under the impression that naturally dark hair cannot transform into purple hair without getting the pre-lightening treatment first. We’re here to tell you that everything you know is a lie, because purple hair on dark locks is not only achievable, it’s gorge. Yes that’s right, it is possible to add a tint of colour without using bleach or pre-lightener first. Make way for mauve, because we’re talking purple power.

Is it really possible to achieve purple hair without bleach?




First things first, a quick PSA: deep colours are always in style, regardless of the season. But in winter, they really pop. So it’s with great pleasure that we’re here to tell you that it is possible to achieve incredible purple hair results, without going through the whole rigmarole of pre-lightening your hair first. Don’t get us wrong, if bleach is necessary, we’re all for it. But for this look specifically, it’s nice to know that us brown-haired babes can also participate in the colour-changing movement without altering our chocolate-coloured tresses first. 

Back to the question on everyone’s lips: yes, a tint of colour is possible without bleach or pre-lightener first. Since purple can be a dark colour naturally, the shade can take to brown hair beautifully. For Gareth Williams, Creative Ambassador for Headmasters Salons, this shade can look particularly alluring in a muted tone. 
“I really like when you can see a hue or a ripple effect on dark hair. I think the popularity of more vivid colours is now moving towards more softened, understated use of the same colours. Ask your colourist for a dark base with lightened melted pieces. Once achieved, a toner can be applied to achieve the purple, creating a really tasteful result”, explains Williams. 

Gareth Williams Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons

To become the purple princess you’ve always dreamed of, you’ve got two options to achieve fab purple hair results - semi-permanent dyes and The Real McCoy of them all: permanent, tone-on-tone colour. 

For fun: semi-permanent purple hair dye

Semi permanent colour, also known as hair gloss, adds sheen and shine to hair. It doesn't change the hair structure or colour permanently but instead deposits colour onto the surface of your strands without penetrating the cortex. Simply put, it coats the hair’s outer shaft. This means that after enough washes, the colour fades without leaving a trace - back to your gorgeous brunette self.

Even if you have virgin hair, after a helping of purple semi-permanent colouring, your tresses will look more vibrant and luscious. You’ve got the dye’s light reflections to thank for this, as they work to provide hair with more depth and volume as well as dimension. 

Your semi-permanent purple hair will naturally fade away after a number of washes (depending on how frequently you wash it and the condition of your hair), going from purple to muted violet, and finally, like the last green leaves of summer, fading back to your natural colour. It was good knowing you, purple hair. 

For the long-haul: permanent purple hair dye 

Permanent colour penetrates the hair and settles in its core, providing full hair colour coverage. If you’re the type who likes colour security, then this is the path for you.

This type of colouring can lighten hair and embed colours more deeply. Because of this, it lasts much longer than the alternative, keeping your purple dreams alive and kickin’. 

The best way to get purple hair

We don’t say this lightly - without exception, It’s always recommended that you go to a hairdresser to do your hair colour and to pursue your path to purple. It is a particular shade to master, and your personal expert will be able to mix, protect and tone exactly right to get the ‘do of your dreams. 

What colouring product is best, you ask? Our latest obsession is Matrix SoColor Cult, and after reading about it, it’ll soon be yours too. The SoColor Cult range incorporates 12 bright shades for the most vivid colour purple hair, ranging from semi-permanent for the commitment-phobes, to tone-on-tone permanent colouring for those ready to say: I’m purple-haired and proud! If you’re looking to add some brightness to your hair, along with extra longevity and vibrancy, this is the range for you. Our favourite part? All shades are intermixable, meaning that you can customise your ideal hue of purple to suit you. It’s now possible to pump up the purple tones or dial them down subtly, whatever tickles your fancy. Your hair is now your palette, your stylist is the artist, and you are soon to be the purple-tinted masterpiece! 

How to look after your purple hair properly

So, how do you care for coloured hair? Supercharge the way you care for your coloured hair, with the range that gives you salon fresh vibrancy and the best in hair colour care technology. After using Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner, hair is shinier and more lustrous, the perfect canvas to show off your purple hair. You can also incorporate Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Mask into your haircare routine to prolong your vibrant colour results. This deep conditioning mask for colour treated hair extends the lifeline of your colour. It contains zinc gluconate, a big word for a show-stopping ingredient that strengthens your hair fibre and provides intense replenishment, leaving hair feeling softer and smoother. Hair goals say whaaaat! 

Time to double down on purple hair! 

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