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Red Or Dead The Autumnal Red Hair That’s Back To Fire It Up Hot

Elizabeth Hall
13 December 2018
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Red hair is having a major moment - storming the catwalk, Hollywood, and our insta feed. If you’re looking for Autumn hair ideas then why not opt for the colour of the changing leaves? Anyone can pull off red hair - no, you don’t have to be born with the gorgeous ginger gene (lucky if you are) to be a crimson goddess. If you’re looking to switch up your shade with an on-trend hair colour, look no further: here, we bring you red hair ideas that will inspire you to rock TF out of this high impact colour and make the statement you’re looking to this Autumn. Step aside supermodels, this shade is for everyone in 2019.

Red Hair Is Powerful Beauty

Layered coats, minimal makeup, and bold brows… just a few trends that are shaking up the runways this season. But what’s really lighting a fire in our hearts? Red hair. Josh Wood, Redken Global Colour Creative Director, dominated NYFW by splashing the manes of models with bright red hair colours that had us filling our ‘Autumn hair ideas’ Pinterest boards. The move was bold. So bold in fact, that it helped to launch the career of one of the models at the Marc Jacobs show. He coined the flame-fame shade “Garnet Red” and we’re basically in love. The career-launching colour, paired with minimalist makeup and bold brows was born from the inspiration of ‘Powerful Beauty’ - definitely something we can get behind. 

Let’s explore our favourite renditions of red hair ideas so you’ll be caught red-handed being the trendiest babe around this Autumn. We got on board with Adam Reed, Editorial Ambassador at L’Oréal Professionnel find out what gets him all fired up about this fiery hue.


What’s Hot In Red Hair?

“The shade we're seeing a lot of people asking for is copper. Rich, ultra-shiny copper.” Enthuses Adam.

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

Classic copper is dominating now but red is such a diverse tone in hair and we see red evolve in all forms. 

5 Red Hair Ideas To Embrace Powerful Beauty

If you’re like a moth to the flame when it come to red hair, then know that there is a hue for you. Get ready to paint the town red with these Autumn hair ideas that will have you running to your salon to switch up your shade ASAP.

Red Hair Ideas No.1: Auburn

Perfect for… brunettes with green eyes.

This totally gorge take on red hair is said to be a harmonious balance of red and brown tones. This option is great for brunette babes, since it’s easier to transition to auburn hair if you’re starting with a darker base. Natural vibes with a fierce flair? Yes please.

Red Hair Ideas No.2: Copper

Perfect for… blue-eyed babes with a warm skin tone.

This particular shade of red hair is a favourite among celebs because it’s so bold and powerful - just like the prominent female actresses embracing the colour. 
“I am obsessed with copper hair, I literally love it.” Adam says excitedly, “Copper gives you that stand out moment, it’s one of those colours that it isn’t actually that common. I believe copper is the coolest, most beautiful colour. You don’t have to make a massive statement with it, it just stands out.”

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

The copper hair colour leans more towards a rusted orange, which happens to be a contrasting colour to blue - so if you have blue eyes, get ready to make them pop with this stunning ginger shade.

Red Hair Ideas No.3: Mahogany

Perfect for… dark-haired ladies with a warm skin tone.

If only we were as rich as this hair colour! This red hair rendition is a precise melange of red and violet tones that make up a complex - but beaut - shade. If you’re living with lacklustre, dull hair, then this shade is a sure way to add radiance and neutralise ashier tones. Like auburn, mahogany hair works well on darker bases, adding a plum-like glaze over your brown hair. 

Red Hair Ideas No.4: Crimson

Perfect for… fair skin and green eyes.

If you’re a bolder beauty, this is the red hue for you. This shade gave us all the hair envy as kids while watching The Little Mermaid - Ariel has been slaying the crimson red hair game since 1990. Luckily for us, this hair colour is trending and giving us all the inspo to embrace being a crimson celestial being. 


Red Hair Ideas No.5: Strawberry Blonde

Perfect for… blue eyes and fair skin.

Blonde with a dainty tint of red, that is what strawberry blonde is all about. This shade is perfect if you’re already blonde and wanting to dip your toes in the pond of red hair. You can get a bespoke colour ranging from subtle hints of strawberry to full strawberries and cream… the world is your hair oyster. 

How To Care For Red Hair

If you’re on the ginger dreamboat then you deserve to have your locks looking lustrous and glossy AF at all times. Sadly for red hair (faux redheads), the red hair molecule is porous and tends to slip out of the hair follicle faster than any other colour - but don’t fret, we’re loaded with an anti-fade product arsenal to keep your red fired up!

The L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Colorrange nourishes your red locks and keeps your colour game strong well beyond stepping out of the salon. One application of these antioxidant-infused products and you won’t be able stop running your fingers through your silky strands. The range offers everything you need to protect your dyed strands - from shampoo to leave-in treatment, this line is everything for coloured locks. 

Biolage Colour Last Shampoo and Conditioner also offers colour protection, depth and shine… basically everything you want for your scarlet strands. Its low pH formula is perfect for retaining the vibrancy of your red hair. Plus, the bottles are so cuuute. 

L’Oréal Professionel’s Smartbond is a bonding system that will help ensure hair is kept strong during the colouring process.


“It is really hard to maintain the vibrancy of red so use use I always ensure I use Smartbond when colouring” 

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

Redhead top tip:  Whatever products you have lined up, try turning down the temperature gage in the shower when washing your red locks. Since the red colour molecule can drop out the easiest, splashing your strands with cold water will help to seal the cuticle, keeping your redhead vibrance locked in. 

From the runway to your next door neighbour, red hair is trending and making a bigger statement than ever before. Time to embrace the powerful beauty that comes with being a crimson goddess!

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