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Rose Blonde Hair: The New Colour Trend We've Fallen For

11 February 2019
woman with short rose blond hair wearing a hat

Ever wanted your hair to match your favourite wine? Then rose blonde hair is the new colour trend you’ve been waiting for. We dish the scoop on this beautiful shade and exactly how to hit the style-mark with this pinkish blonde colour. Time to think pink!

What Is Rose Blonde Hair?

Blonde hair will always be in style, but now it’s getting a fresh update. Rose blonde hair is the latest colourful, yet natural trend, creating a new shade spin on a timeless classic. This on-trend look incorporates warm rose gold hues into blonde hair for a complementary colour that suits all skin tones and looks oh-so-pretty. The pink tends to be on a cool side whereas the blonde is usually more gold, which helps to bring out a glow in warm skin and a blush in pale complexions. Highlighting contour ft. rose blonde hair is the aesthetic we all aspire to.

Pink Hair, Don’t Care: How To Get Rose Blonde Hair

If you already have blonde hair, then you’re in luck, because with a quick visit to the salon, rose blonde locks can soon be yours. Achievable on both blondes and pre-bleached bronzy brunettes, this shade requires min effort for max results! Experts tell us that if you’re a colour-virgin, this is a great intro into the hair colouring world without being too bold. It’s a classic shade that is truly mesmerising.

If you’re not flaxen-haired, don’t despair! With a little work, it’s possible to join the ranks of rose gold blonde hair. You’ll need to lighten your hair first to achieve this beautiful shade, which will require some time at the salon so your colourist can bleach your hair. Rose blonde with apricot tones is ideal for warm neutral skin tones... try a faded peach as it looks good even as it washes out. That’s what we call pretty in peach!  Another option is to go for an all-over rose blonde tone that affixes to highlights or ombre. A pro stylist will be able to guide you through the process from start to finish so you can come up smelling (looking) like roses!

The key to pulling off this look is to keep the pink sophisticated, as this will make it look seamless and as natural as possible. This means subtly blended rather than streaks or stripes. Pink perfection!

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Rose Blonde Hair Care

La vie en rose (colour-treated) hair requires special care, so you need to use a range formulated to protect your new locks and keep your rose gold blonde colour looking lustrous. Your stylist will be able to advise you on what products works best for your hair’s needs, such as Serie Expert Blondifier Shampoo and Vitamino Color A-Ox Conditioner which are specifically designed to keep colour looking radiant and make your tresses silky soft.

You don’t need rose-coloured glasses to appreciate a shade like this!


Fancy a rose blonde hair transformation? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair colourist near you.

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