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The Salt And Pepper Hair Trend Has Got Us Seriously Pining

16 September 2019
woma with long salt and pepper coloured hair

What Is Salt And Pepper Hair?

“Salt and pepper hair is what some people experience along the way before going grey. When small flecks of white are present against a darker base, it is often considered to be salt and pepper”

Mads-Sune Lund Danish Redken Stylist

But what’s important to note is that salt and pepper is not just for silver foxes.

That’s right, this eye-catching hue has been taken on and enhanced by stylists all over, providing women with a gorgeously unique shade to show off.

“For many clients trying to recreate the salt and pepper look, this can be done by adding strands of white pieces around the front to help their natural grey come through and diffuse the hairline. And in some cases adding dark to an already natural grey can add dimension and depth”

Mads-Sune Lund Danish Redken Stylist

Who Suits Salt And Pepper Hair Colour?

“It can be a strong look if done right”, says the stylist. “It’s important to assess the style and skin of the individual. The benefit of this trend is that it suits most people. If you already suit a cooler tone adding the pale pieces against your skin can create an effective look”

Mads-Sune Lund Danish Redken Stylist

If you have a warmer skin tone, there’s a solution for you too!

“In cases where this colour can be harsh, it’s sometimes better to focus on the back. This means you can get the look without clashing with your normal colouring”

Mads-Sune Lund Danish Redken Stylist

That’s right, this colour can be adapted to suit everyone! 

What’s The Best Way To Achieve Salt And Pepper Hair?

A consultation with your stylist is a good first step on your salt and pepper hair journey. Here you can discuss your colouring as well as the best way to get this colour right.

“There are no limits when it comes to placement of salt and pepper colouring. Since natural grey is having such a big comeback at the moment I like to try and recreate something very natural-looking”

Mads-Sune Lund Danish Redken Stylist

How To Care For Your Salt And Pepper Hair

Caring for your salt and pepper hair colour involves a few basic tips - the most important one being maintenance. This will help to keep the colour on point and prevent your salt and pepper hair from looking more mature than it should. The pro has some tips on your haircare routine too:


Redken Graydiant Shampoo and Conditioner gives the ultimate care and protection for this look. The shampoo contains violet hues and will help diminish the warmth that sometimes will appear in blonde/grey hair, while the conditioner will leave a silver finish”, advises Lund. “In addition, I would recommend a deep conditioning treatment. My favourite for this would be the Redken All Soft Megafor intense moisture and shine”

Mads-Sune Lund Danish Redken Stylist

Get on board the coolest hair colour trend with salt and pepper hair! 


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