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Salted Caramel Hair: Why Caramel Highlights On Brown Hair Work So Well

Elizabeth Hall
13 December 2018
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Salted caramel: more than a classic autumnal staple drink from Starbucks, it’s the trend you need to try on your hair! Caramel highlights on brown hair are everything this Autumn and a great way to add some warmth while the weather gets colder… we suddenly have a deep craving for this autumn-inspired drink. Perfect for brunette beauties wanting a change, caramel highlights on brown hair may be low maintenance but they are certainly high in aesthetic. Gareth Williams, Creative Ambassador at Headmasters Salons and L’Oréal Professionnel Artist is a fan too. Keep reading and prepare to hit the save button, because this Autumn trend will be making a major appearance this season!


woman with salted caramel hair colour

Caramel Highlights On Brown Hair: A Match Made In Heaven

The opposite of poorly-blended, nightmare-inducing highlights, melted caramel ribbons blend into a dark base like hair magic. 
“Salted Caramel lights work as the perfect focus point on brunettes” says Gareth on the hue.

Gareth Williams Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons

The warm honey shade can be worked onto hair as highlights or as a more subtle caramel balayage that is just b.e.a.u.tiful! 
“The warmth in the tone melts perfectly with the richness of the brunette base, and the rich base provides the perfect backdrop for the caramel to pop!” 

Gareth Williams Creative Ambassador Headmasters Salons

From the Royal family to Hollywood’s biggest A-listers, this universally flattering hair colour is being embraced left, right and centre. 

This delicious hair trend complements a whole host of skin tones and praises dark-haired beauties. Calling all colour-shy babes: if you have yet to let dye touch your locks then this trend is a great way to lighten strands without committing to bright blonde highlights. Caramel highlights on brown hair are trending yet again because 2019 is all about natural-looking enhancements - practically the definition of this look. The dimensional melange of brown and caramel is so pretty you might want to eat it (but probably don’t). Ahead, see our hairstyle hotlist to show off your new multitude of tones to the max.



woman with salted caramel hair colour

Caramel Highlights On Brown Hair: How To Style For The Prettiest Dimension

What is a radiant sun-kissed hue without the right hairstyle to show off your freshly coloured perfection? With these styles, you’ll be stopping traffic with your multi-tonal strands of silk. Check out the best shine-enhancing ‘dos to highlight your vivaciously beaut colour. 


1.Feathered Hair: A sleeker, more modern version of the iconic style has come to call and we’re overly keen to answer. Forget bell-bottom jeans, this retro hair trend is what really has us feeling nostalgic. The new-age take on this trend is softer and far less poofy than the 70s version. The pro trick to achieving this style is to first make sure strands are in tip top condition to hold a curl. The Redken Color Extend Magnetics range gives your yummy caramel-coloured highlights the TLC the nourishment they need to be vibrant and shiny. This look works best middle-parted and by gently curling each section away from the face to emphasise the structure within the hair. Retro has never looked so good.

2.Soft Curls ft. Blunt Ends: Holy dimension! This trend hot from the coast of L.A. gives us all the edgy-cool vibes with an added bonus of showcasing every tone of your caramel highlights. The finish makes for a natural beach wave effect that celebs are lusting after, and we don’t blame them one bit. To create this look, curl hair in the mid length of the strand, leaving a couple of inches straight at the bottom. For a chic disheveled look, use Redken Beach Envy Wave Aid spray on damp hair - the finish makes for sexy beach waves that you can rock everywhere. 

3.Natural Curls: If you were lucky enough to be born with a head full of wild ringlets, consider yourself lucky - natural curls featuring a caramel balayage is the definition of hair goals. The warm swirls of caramel look just way too good against a darker base. The colour-style combo instantly steps up your hair game while working wonders for your complexion. Natural curls are never boring, but adding some face-framing caramel highlights or a caramel balayage to your coils can completely transform your looks without major maintenance or change. For natural curls to look lively, use a spritz of Redken One United Multi-Benefit hair treatment - this potion for your mane is packed with 25 curly hair benefits in one, cute little bottle. 

4.Straight With Heaps Of Volume: A straight-edge approach is always a good way to show off your caramel highlights. The key to this look is to tease the crown of your hair so that it looks disheveled and not too polished. Focus on keeping the body of your hair straight whilst teasing the top of your hair for a sexy-bedhead effect. If you’ve opted to have some face-framing highlights then a straight style will help them to work as a natural highlighter, soooold. Backcomb your hair at an upward angle and spritz some L'Oréal Professionnel Techni.ART Constructor Heat Protection spray. This two-in-one product deserves a spot on your shelf because it serves the dual purpose of protecting your locks from heat whilst amping up the volume.


Forget the Autumn-inspired coffee, this trend is to be worn on your hair. Indulge your sweet tooth and try out caramel highlights on brown hair. 
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