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Silver Blue Hair: 4 Expert Tips To Realise Its Full Beauty Potential

27 August 2018
photo of women with glasses and short silver blue hair

When it comes to vivids, blue hair is undoubtedly one of the biggest colour trends. Factor in icy silver tones and blues just got even cooler. The on-trend pastel tone surprisingly suits a wide range of skin tones – and ages, thanks to its flattering cool hue. Going silver blue is one way of working a vivid without being too out-there. Here’s how to get the (icy) blues of the moment…

Consider Your Skin Tone

A good stylist will take your skin tone into consideration when deciding on the exact shade of silver blue to suit you. To achieve your best blue results, go with a tone that’s opposite to your skin, so if you’re a warmer skin tone, try a cooler blue tone and vice versa. 

The best way to figure out your skin tone is to check out the back of your wrists. If your veins are predominantly purple or blue, you’re more of a cooler skin tone and you can probably get away with warmer blue tones. If your skin tends to looks more green-ish then silvery blues will look great on you. 

There is a way to work around creating an icy silver blue on a cooler skin tone if you can’t get the specific shade out of your head. Your colourist can balance out the blue with a shadow at the roots that’s a little warmer so you’re still complementing your skin tone. 

Get a Stand Out Shade

The beauty of the silver blue trend - and a major part of its appeal - is the fact that it’s fully customisable so it can be tweaked by your colourist to suit your personal style. Whether you want a bold, fashion-forward change or subtle but striking difference, a good colourist will create a bespoke blue for you. 

If you want less of a statement shade, silver hair with blue highlights is a great way to combine natural tones with a blue hue. Think of it as a peekaboo approach to working those blues. It’s all about moderation, and a good colourist will make adjustments to find your exact blue hue. 


A Silver Lining

Work the blue colour trend to your advantage. If you already have all-over grey hair, silver hair with blue highlights isn’t just a trend for millennials. The soft, icy tone makes it perfect for all age groups. If you’re going grey, try lifting your look with a silvery blue and see the difference. It’s a way to update and modernise your look, without a major hair colour change. 

Silver Blue Hair Maintenance

To prolong the life and vibrancy of your silvery blue colour, a good aftercare regime is vital. Our recommendation? The Redken Color Extend Care Collection, a range of products specifically formulated to protect and maintain your colour. There’s a certain amount of processing involved in achieving silver blue hair, so it’s important to use products that restore the bonds. Aftercare is especially key in the more vulnerable two week period following your colour appointment. 

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