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Spice Up Your Brown Hair With These 3 Ideas Of Highlights And Lowlights For Brown Hair

13 February 2019
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Craving some change to your brown hair shade without going too crazy with hair colour? Highlights for brown hair and lowlights for brown hair could be the answer! Read on to learn more about these colouring techniques with Anna Short, Colour Director at Daniel Galvin and sneak a peek at these 3 ideas of highlights and lowlights for brown hair.

Why You Should Consider Lowlights or Highlights For Brown Hair… Or Blonde!

Why not? It’s easy to elevate the look of any natural shade, and a lot of the time it doesn’t require a dramatic change! For instance, a faint highlight can give off a sun-kissed effect for that perfect hint of summer glow, no matter the season.

Highlights and lowlights for brown hair are a great way to add interest, create texture and add dimension to brunettes” says Anna. “They give a more natural result than a tint as they don’t create a strong demarcation line when the roots grow in. It’s the perfect technique for clients who are looking to blend away white hairs without the maintenance of an all over colour, or simply to add tone to the natural colour.”

Anna Short Colour Director - Daniel Galvin

There are endless possibilities on how to colour and place your highlights or lowlights for brown hair , making it an extremely versatile colouring technique that makes way for total personalisation.

Highlights Vs. Lowlights: What’s The Difference?

Highlights for brown hair generally brighten up your base colour with some contrast, which in turn also brightens up your face. But only a tailor made shade can give you that effortless, professional result. It’s not limited to highlights for brown hair or lowlights for brown hair.

“A highlight is anything lighter than the natural hair colour, and a low light is anything darker than the natural hair colour. Many clients come in with darker hair requesting low lights, when what they’re actually looking for are very subtle highlights. It’s a common misconception that highlights are only for blondes and lowlights are for brunettes! Even the most subtle results like caramels and mochas are technically still highlights on darker bases.“

Anna Short Colour Director - Daniel Galvin

Have you stylist apply a concentrated hair care formula with L'Oréal Professionnel’s Salon-Exclusive Smartbond System, which strengthens your strands to protect them from the colouring treatment.

Convinced? Here are 3 ideas to take to the salon:

Bronde Babe

You can’t go wrong with this classic combination of brown and blonde! We love the soft caramel effect in a bronde balayage.

Bronde hair is a great way for darker bases to experiment with lighter looks, without moving too far away from their natural colour. It’s low maintenance and as it’s a more natural result, gentler products can be used to achieve this, so the hair remains in good condition. It’s also super flattering on almost every skin tone.”

Anna Short Colour Director - Daniel Galvin

And now you can add highlights for brown hair and enjoy the best of both in under an hour with L'Oréal Professionnel’s Instant Highlights Colour Lightening Service.

Rosy Brown

Warm rose highlights for brown hair are so sweet that others will blush around you! Use these as highlights for brown hair or lowlights for blonde hair.

Anyone can wear this look, as long as they work with their skin tone. Cooler skin tones should opt for more pastel pink hues, like candy floss and baby pinks. Warmer skin tones should choose more peachy tones like rose gold”

Anna Short Colour Director - Daniel Galvin

But remember that this strawberry shortcake look will require some extra maintenance. So don’t forget to stop in the salon for a boost of colour protection using the Serie ExpertPowermix In-Salon Colour Treatment by L'Oréal Professionnel.

Mocha Lowlights

Mocha lowlights are an ideal way to richen up the natural base colour” says Anna “They can create movement and tone in drab mousey hair, with the added bonus of little commitment.”

Anna Short Colour Director - Daniel Galvin

Add some complexity to any brown hair shade with some dark chocolate or mocha lowlights for brown hair. Even Gibson herself can’t resist this delicious blend!

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