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Strawberries And Cream: Why Strawberry Blonde Hair Is So Sweet

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
close up of woman with long strawberry blonde hair

The ginger hair colour is a high-impact colour that demands attention (rightfully so) with only 2% of the world’s population rocking red locks. Want siren strands sans dramatic effect? Let us introduce ginger’s more reserved sister: strawberry blonde. Basically, ginger and blonde got together and created the sweetest, most beautiful colour we’ve seen. If you’re debating whether to go red or blonde then look no further - the solution is strawberry blonde. Let’s explore this beautiful colour blend.

We’ve got a sweet tooth for strawberry blonde

When Hollywood’s golden manes started to dabble with hints of ginger, we lost our minds. Strawberry blonde is pure eye-candy. The aesthetic spices up traditional blonde to bring us one of the most gorgeous hair colours to exist. Here are four reasons to sweeten up your ‘do' with strawberry blonde.

1. You’re a natural ginger looking for subtle change.

If you were lucky enough to be born with natural ginger or auburn hair but are craving a change then this is the hue for you: all of the beauty of your natural red plus pops of blonde to illuminate your pretty face! If you don’t want a big change but exploring the realms of blonde has always intrigued you, then think about adding blonde lowlights or a sombre (subtle ombre) for a sun-kissed look that will turn heads left and right.

2. You’re a blonde looking for a subtle change.

If your summer highlights or honey coloured blonde hair is not doing it for you anymore and you want a subtle, yet present change, join the ginger family and embrace strawberry blonde strands. It’s amazing what just a tweak in tone can do! Going from blonde to most colours (including strawberry blonde) is easy because lighter strands tend to take to colour much easier than darker hair.

3. Strawberry blonde is the statement piece to your minimalist wardrobe.

Parisian minimalist/normcore fashion is back. With this trend rising, adding a pop of colour is necessary. We think that splash of colour should be your rosey, golden locks atop your head! Be the bold fashionista you were born to be and make strawberry blonde your statement piece.

4. It’s timeless.

This sweet ginger shade is a natural colour for some (lucky!) so it’s a classic, safe choice when wanting to switch up your shade. Not only is this hair colour timeless, but it’s trendy as well. Many A-listers are ditching their signature looks and jumping on the light strawberry bandwagon. Fashion colours may come and go, but strawberry blonde will always be a thing.

Ginger hair care

If your sweet tooth has been triggered and you’re ready to go strawberry blonde, there are some things to know about this fabulous hair colour to help you make the most of it.

Let’s start with a little ginger hair science: red hair fades quickly because the red hair molecule is the largest of the dye molecules, so it disintegrates from the cuticle faster with each wash. Because the red escapes the cuticle so easily, it’s crucial to wait as long as you can to wash it after going strawberry blonde. When shampooing, warm water swells the cuticle, which can make the red pigments escape - oh no! To combat this, try rinsing your hair with cool water to seal up that cuticle and retain your rosey strands.

Tip from the pros: The melange of red and blonde hair is a complicated one. The key is to find a perfect balance - best to leave that to an expert colourist to get the best bespoke results. Professional colourists like to do the layering method when dying ginger hair: they will first start with your unique colour mixture and then add a gloss. Redken Shades EQ Gloss is in the pros’ trusted arsenal, which adds gorgeous richness, depth, and dimension to your strawberry colour.

There’s red hair, there’s blonde hair; but the delicious shade in between - strawberry blonde - has won us over. It’s time to indulge your (hair’s) sweet tooth!

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