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The Low Down On Lowlights: Your Next Appointment Goals

Elizabeth Hall
29 January 2019
woman with light brown lowlights hair colour

Join the dark side they said, it’ll be fun they said… well, they were right - blondes aren’t the only ones having fun! Think of brunette lowlights as reverse highlights. So rather than lightening strands of hair, you take it the opposite direction and yep, you guessed it - darken them instead. Craving multi-tonal hair that’s incredibly low maintenance? Hair, meet lowlights! Anna Short, Colour Director at Daniel Galvin chimes in on that low-low on lowlights: who suits them, why you should darken up your look, and tips on how to care for them. Get your save button ready, dimension is in.

So, What Are Lowlights?

Sure, we’re well-versed in what highlights are… but have you got the lowdown on lowlights?

“A highlight is anything lighter than the natural hair colour, and a low light is anything darker than the natural hair colour. Many clients come in with darker hair requesting low lights, when what they’re actually looking for are very subtle highlights. It’s a common misconception that highlights are only for blondes and lowlights are for brunettes! Even the most subtle results like caramels and mochas are technically still highlights on darker bases”.

Anna Short Colour Director - Daniel Galvin

Quite literally, they’re the opposite of highlights: the technique involves using permanent or semi-permanent hair colour to add in darker pieces and dimension. Because when the temperatures begin to drop and our tans start to fade, we still want to rock the summer-y illusion of richness and depth. Lowlights provide this beautiful illusion - whether you’ve got light brown hair with highlights brunette or blonde.! Typically, lowlights are one or two shades darker than your base colour and utilise the same undertone (but can also be a different undertone or darker than the base). This makes their addition to your tresses as seamless as the sun’s work itself.

Whether you want a subtle change or a more dramatic look, either can be achieved with lowlights. For a soft effect, ask your stylist to use shades one to two levels from your base colour. This will keep things looking enhanced and natural. If you’re after a more high contrast look, use shades within three to four levels of your base colour. Adding lowlights alone will make your natural shade appear to be highlighted, creating a dimensional look that brunette babes can rock like it’s nobody’s business!

Join The Dark Side: Who Suits Lowlights?

There isn’t a single soul on earth who doesn’t suit depth and dimension! It’s a fact. Lowlights check off everything on the deciding trifecta because they’re complementary to any skin tone, eye colour and lifestyle. What these dark streaks can do to your mane is pure hair bliss! It can take your hair colour from a dull, lacklustre shade to multidimensional hair goals in just one appointment. Like highlights, lowlights will liven up your haircut or the current hue you’re rocking. The key is in the placement… which is why you should leave it to the hair colouring pros.

Lowlights Colour Menu: Because We Love Options!

With lowlights, you can get any look under the dark side of the moon. We’ve searched high and low to bring you a few of our favourite renditions of the multi-tonal magic that are lowlights - check them out!

Cool Down

What do you get when you combine dark ash brown with cool brunette -black lowlights? Dimension that is out of this world! If you’re a dedicated brunette and don’t want to veer too far from your roots, this is the look for you.

Blend That Balayage!

If you already have caramel or blonde balayage then try blending it a bit with some brown lowlights. This winning combo will help your hair colour transition through the seasons with ease.

Dark Chocolate Mocha

Dark brunette lowlights paired with a few face-framing babylights is a delicately delicious look to aspire to.

Mocha lowlights are an ideal way to richen up the natural base colour. They can create movement and tone in drab mousey hair, with the added bonus of little commitment”.

Anna Short Colour Director - Daniel Galvin

Richness has never looked so good!

Rise From The Ashes

Ashes are trending right now from blonde ash tones, dark blonde ash hair and dark ash brown lowlights will take your mousy-brown shade into autumn and winter seamlessly. Ask your stylist about the Redken Natural Ashes shades. With five hues to choose from, there’s surely one just right for you. The colour range aims to combat brass whilst providing a soft and balanced finish.

Chocolate Brown Lowlights

If you’re already rocking a brunette base, try adding some warm chocolate brown lowlights for a “je ne sais quoi” effect instead of the more obvious caramel highlights. Go on, indulge yourself.

How To Care For Your Lovely Lowlights

One of the many benefits of having lowlights (like a longer time in between hair appointments) is that they’re more low maintenance than a lot of other colouring services. That being said, for your pretty dark locks to look their best, you should still be using the appropriate products.

The professionals tell us that if your strands have been touched with hair colour, it’s best to use hair products for colour-treated hair. To keep your lowlights lively and vibrant, we recommend Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner. Keep your fresh-out-of-the-salon vibrancy and shine going long after you’ve left the chair with this pro-approved line.

You should also have a brunette-friendly product to keep your lowlights free from redness - a brown-haired beauty’s nightmare. Which is why L’Oréal Professionnel has delivered Serie Expert CC Cream For Brunettes. Alternate this with your normal conditioner at least once a week to keep brass at bay.

With such deliciously dark lowlights on the menu, you have all the hair inspo you need for your next salon appointment - time to dabble in the dark side!



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