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This Mystical Trend Is Both Wearable And Perfect For Autumn

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
close up of hair with gemlights

The beauty of gemstones has been transferred to hair and just like their alleged powers, the result is pure magic. We’re talking about gemlights, the hot new trend that’s been taking over our Instagram feed. Flashes of aquamarine, amethyst, and smoky quartz - just to name a few - will be making the prettiest appearance this Autumn. Get your hair inspo Pinterest board ready and scroll on to discover how you can wear these gems in your hair.

Gem Highlights: How To Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Gemlights are fulfilling our crystal-obsessed dreams and Insta pages, but what exactly are these stunning jewel-inspired highlights? Well, exactly that - highlights created to mimic all the colours under the precious stone rainbow. So if you consider yourself a bit of a Mystic Meg, this one’s definitely for you! Here’s the 101 on our fave new trend.

The Technique: The way gemlights are applied is just as cute and dainty as the stone-coloured highlights themselves. This dye-job is best left to the pros because it requires an artful selection of tiny bits of hair to be coloured and blended into the lengths, like true hair art. Similar to the babylights trend, gem highlights veer from the chunky-style highlight. The gradient melange of our favourite jewels onto pinches of hair are giving us all the heart-eyes!

Will Gemlights Suit Me? The jewel-themed highlights suit literally everyone. Good vibes aside, you can coordinate the colours of your gemlights to make your eyes pop. Amethyst (pastel purple) will bring out green eyes, aquamarine (baby blue-turquoise-y) makes blue eyes pop like the ocean reflecting the sky. Use the colours to your advantage to make the most of your pretty peepers. To make the gem highlights all they were meant to be, you should prepare to have some sections of hair lightened before so your gem colours are more brilliant. 

Gemlights Menu: What better way to dip your toes into the hair colouring waters than to add cute, subtle hints of gemstone hues to your ‘do? Here’s a compilation of a few of our top precious stone-inspired colours to test out the mystical trend.

  1. Rose Quartz: Gemstone enthusiasts swear this gem promotes love in every form - love for others, unconditional love, and more importantly, self-love. We’re backing anything to do with self-love because hey, you’re awesome. This colour is a light pastel pink that layers flawlessly as gemlights over blonde hair or highlights. 

  2.  Amethyst: This lavender-like colour is just as pretty as its name. It’s believed to possess the ability to clear negative energy in a room - see ya later, haters. Born in February? You can fashionably wear your birthstone in your hair instead of the chunky piece of jewelry your aunt gave you. Flickers of amethyst gemlights framing the face in the form of a gorgy balayage is what hair dreams are about.

  3. Aquamarine: The so-told abilities of this stone are said to bring courage and release anxieties and fears. The baby blue jewel is said to radiate insight and promote mental clarity, and it’s just downright pretty AF. If you’re a March baby then all the more reason to rock this colour - it’s the birthstone of the month, represent! This icy hue looks super fresh paired with a cool skin tone.

  4. Amazonite: Besides having an awesome name, this precious stone is told to help let go of sadness and grief. The colour is a vibrant, pastel turquoise that any bold babe could slay. 

  5. Fluorite: This stone is a mixture of earthy purples, greens and blues. The combination makes for a winning gem highlights trio. Thought to balance and stabilise intuition, this colourful trifecta makes for major hair inspo.

How To Care For Your Gemlights: Post-Stone Care 101

If your stylist reached for the bleach to realise your gemmy hue, aftercare shouldn’t be ignored. Positive vibes + positively nourished hair = perfection. Simple math. We’ve turned to the pros for the best hair-reviving practices to keep your jewel hair polished and pretty.

Before: Before you’ve sat in the salon chair, ask your stylist about mixing in a bonding system such as L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond treatment with your pre-lightener to ensure your strands are in tip-top condition to undergo the lightening process. The system protects hair bonds for stronger hair fibres to help keep your gemlights shining bright. *hair flip*

After: After popping in your magical highlights, it’s all about product arsenal to combat damaged, dry hair.

Tip 1:The first thing you want to do is invest in a quality shampoo and conditioner. What weapons are the experts armed with? The Redken Extreme range gives coloured and damaged hair the strength it needs to stay shiny - just how we like our gems.

Tip 2: The second post-colour tip? Hair masks are your new best friend. By treating your strands to the nutrients they need, your colour will stay brighter for longer. We love Pureology Superfood Masks enriched with natural essential oils, and help prevent your 'do' being robbed of its vibrance and lustre.

Loving the gem-inspired trend? Call up your stylist to hop on the jewely jet to beautiful hair with gemlights!

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