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What Colour Should I Dye My Hair? 6 Things You Should Consider

Elizabeth Hall
14 April 2019
woman getting blonde hair dyed in salon

What colour should I dye my hair? It’s an age-old question colourists have faced time and time again. Before you take the plunge, we talked to Angel Montague Sayers, British Creative Director at the Sally Montague Hair Group, to round up the top 6 things to consider before your appointment!

1. Evaluate The Source Of Your Inspiration For Hair Colour Ideas

Whether you find inspiration for hair colour ideas online or through you colourist, it’s important to evaluate whether or not dyeing your hair is just a fleeting impulse.

“Colour choice varies from client to client. The younger generation is generally guided by Instagram, but more mature women are more open to working with what will suit them and how their colourist can help them achieve this”

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Whether you want a subtle change or have been craving a bold, fashion-forward hue, take some time to evaluate whether you’ll feel the same way a month or two down the road.

2. Skin Tone

Before you even ask yourself, “what colour should I dye my hair?” it’s vital to think about your skin tone.

“It's really important to take suitability into consideration when conducting a successful colour consultation with clients. A beautiful colour can look flawless on one client and unflattering on another depending on their complexion”

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If your skin is olive-toned, golden blondes and warm reds can look gorgeous; conversely, if you have pink undertones, ashy and cooler shades will look best on you. Consider these when looking at hair colour ideas for you.

3. Personality

Aesthetic preference and sense of style is another key factor to take into account when looking for hair colour ideas. Are you a classic gal who favours natural hues or are you a daring fashionista that loves unconventional colours?

“I think it’s great for clients to show their personality through their hair choices”

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Age, on the other hand, should never be a concern.

“Often, a woman thinks about her age when choosing colour options, however, I don't think this should be a part of the equation.”

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4. Hair Type

“Hair type is a factor to work with, not against. Being realistic about what is achievable is crucial to getting the perfect colour choice”

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Simply put, if your hair is very dark or very damaged and you are wondering ‘’what colour should I dye my hair?’’ Don’t expect to leave the salon with platinum blonde hair in one session.

5. Seasonal Trends

Many women opt to lighten up their look in the summer when they think about ‘’what colour should I dye my hair?’’ and go darker in the fall and winter months when searching around for new hair colour ideas.

"Seasonal trends not only influence what colours we will be wearing but also our hair colour. In autumn, I often get asked for warmer shades, but if they don't suit your complexion, then they aren't going to work" 

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In a nutshell, it’s vital to employ a comprehensive approach to ensure you get the best result.

6. Your Willingness To Maintain Your Colour

Are you a low-maintenance gal looking for hair colour ideas who doesn’t want to worry about having to touch up her colour every 6 to 8 weeks? If that’s the case, perhaps an ombre or balayage colouring technique is best for you.

“I always ask my clients what exactly they do with their hair from a styling point of view and how often they visit the salon,” says Angel.“This then gives me a clear indication of if I should base my work around a high or low maintenance style.”

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Whatever your hair colour, after care is key. It is one of the most important factors when considering ‘’what colour should I dye my hair?’’

“A colour will never look stunning if the hair isn't in optimum condition. Investing in hair care, treatments, and regular hair cuts is as important as skin care is”

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We suggest the L’Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color A OX Shampoo & Conditioner to help prolong the life of your new colour whilst maintaining its vibrancy and shine.

So next time you ask yourself, “what colour should I dye my hair?” be sure to take these 6 factors into consideration to ensure you avoid disappointment down the line and are looking into the best hair colour ideas to suit you. You can thank us later!

Are you thinking about changing your hair colour up soon? Use our handy salon locator to book an appointment with a hair colourist near you today.


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