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What Is Glass Hair And Why You Should Try It

Elizabeth Hall
20 January 2019
woman with short brunette glass hair style

Trend Alert: glass hair is what you need in your life! So. Blooming. Sleek. We started seeing this look on top supermodels and quickly realised it was something that needed to be brought to the streets for the rest of us. And no, you don’t need to be a supermodel to pull off this super shiny, straight hair - all you need is some attitude, and we know you’ve got it! Read on to discover why this trend isn’t going anywhere, except on your head.

What Is Glass Hair And Why Is It Cutting Its Way Into Our Hearts

Why see the world half empty when you can have your glass hair full? This trend is all about a sharp, geometrical cut ft. a glossy silk-like shine - but don’t worry, it doesn’t involve putting actual glass in your hair (yikes). The glass hair movement started when Hollywood’s hottest celebs started chopping their tresses into an edgy, blunt bob cut. Instead of styling their bobs (and lobs with the tousled waves that we’re so used to seeing, they opted for a polished and sheeny poker straight look.

If you feel like you’ve seen this style before, you’re probably right. The trend that has been newly popularised by supermodels and celebs alike and was inspired from 90's swishy glass hair, another take on our recent 90's-obsession! One quick search of “glass hair” and you’ll be calling up your stylist to embrace the trend that screams modern aesthetic. The look is polished and posh as well as being on-trend, what more can a girl ask for?

Want to trend-set to a whole new level? Enter: stained glass hair. This is a rendition on glass hair but with a bit more oomph, thanks to the stained glass hair inspired colour. If you’re a colour addict then this is the look you need to try. You don’t need to go to church to achieve this look, but you will need a professional colourist!

Who Suits The Glass Hair Trend?

Supermodels may be responsible for bringing this winning duo of a blunt haircut and super-shine to our attention, but let us assure you, anyone can rock this look. The length can be customised to your face shape so stop right there with any doubts you may have had. This style is great for those with thin hair because the bluntness of the cut gives the appearance of thicker strands, something we already knew… but add the shine and you a truly lustrous head of hair. Hair flip.

Glass hair works on all textures - hello versatility - but women with natural hair should stick to oil-based hair products as they keep your hair straight, undoubtedly a key component of this look. Whether you have virgin hair (never been coloured), or you are a dye-addict, the experts assure us that anyone can achieve glass hair!

How Can I Get Glass Hair?

Glass hair consists of two major elements: pin-straight, blunt-cut hair and a monochromatic hue to reflect light and give a mirror-like shine. If you want to perfect this look, you’ll need to enlist some help from the pros to get that perfectly straight line - so put the scissors down and leave it to the experts. Here’s how to get this look, step by step!

Step 1: Sharp Cut

A perfect geometric bob should be left in hands of a professional stylist. With your cutting edge bob (or lob) chopped into perfection, it’s time to talk shine!

Step 2: Gloss

If you’re serious about having glass hair, having your stylist add a hair gloss is a necessary step in your journey to achieving this style. Pro-favourite Redken SEQ Gloss is a service that makes your hair as shiny as your lip gloss. This service will bring life back to your locks and give you the instant gratification that is shine! 


Step 3: Oil

Kérastase Elixir Ultime is a magical concoction that delivers shine that glass hair dreams are made of whilst offering heat protection - crucial for the last step. Just a dollop applied to wet strands will do - this style doesn’t work if your hair looks like you’re on a week-long shampoo ban.

Step 4: Straighten

Straight hair is a must to get this style. If you’re keen on having at-home Brazilian blowout-worthy results, then it’s time to invest in a tool that will bring you the shine you’ve always needed. Allow us to introduce your new glossy hair ally - the L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod. This straightener works by using a flow of high pressure steam to keep your new sleek hairstyle shining bright like a diamond. Straighten hair in small sections to be sure you don’t miss a strand!

So if you were wondering ‘what is glass hair’ or what on earth is stained glass coloured hair - now you know! Mirror-like shine paired with a shiny blunt cut makes for one of our favourite 90s trends of the season. Glass hair, thank you for coming back into our lives.

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