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What’s The Buzz: Everything You Need To know About Honey Blonde Balayage

Elizabeth Hall
02 March 2020

With summer ending, finding a low-maintenance shade can prove challenging… well before honey blonde balayage joined the world of hair colouring. This hue has been creating a huge demand in salons for a lot of reasons: it’s gorge (duh), low-maintenance, and it’s the perfect “transitional” shade. What is that, you may ask? Transitional shades are hair colours used in those in-between seasons where you’re not sure if you should go lighter or darker, like right now. As of late, honey blonde balayage is the universal shade being prescribed by stylists that works on nearly everyone, regardless of the season. Which is why we tell you everything you need to know about the oh-so-delicious honey blonde balayage- like who it suits and how to extend the time between salon visits for touch-ups. If you’ve been on the hunt for inspiration, this article is the Hair Grail you’ve been craving. Scroll through and get ready to call your colourist for a booking next week, sun-kissed strands are in your near future.

Sweet As Honey: What Is Honey Blonde Balayage?

This colour and technique is where it’s at if you’re wanting a sun-kissed look, sans harmful UV rays. Let’s first talk about the method used, called “balayage”. This technique has been blowing up in salons for the last 5 years as an alternative to chunky, obvious highlights (thankfully the Naughties are over). The word “balayage” is a French term meaning “to sweep”, which is basically what your colourist does when applying the colour. The balayage method is done all free-hand so no more foils or meche needed (they had a good run). This approach has become a staple in salons across the globe as the beauty world leans towards more natural-looking trends. Blonde balayage emulates the parts of your hair that would be naturally lightened in the sun for a softer, less obvious finish.

Let’s discuss the sweet shade du jour, honey blonde. Honey blonde is the perfect balance of a rich, light brown and a bright blonde. When applied using the balayage technique, you can fool people into thinking you’ve just returned from a tropical vacation thanks to its sun-kissed effect.

Sweet Strands: Who Suits Honey Blonde Balayage?

We have some great news about honey blonde balayage: because it’s not too dark, ashy or brassy, it flatters a huge range of different skin tones. When applied with the balayage method, darker roots provide a stunning contrast to the face-framing light blonde- a look that suits everyone. If we could coin any hue as the “Cali-girl” hair colour, it would be honey blonde balayage. The contrast mentioned above gives this ‘do just so much dimension and body, something we all look for in a hair colour. We have seen this method-colour combo applied on pretty much every hair length and texture- you can be a golden Barbie with curly hair too! In fact, we love honey blonde balayage on curly-haired babes because of the enviable movement it lends your mane. Trust us, anyone can live that honey blonde life.

If you’ve always wanted to go lighter but were afraid of the upkeep, this is the blonde hue for you. Because of the gradient of darker roots cascading into ribbons of honey heaven, the grow out process is painless (finally!).


are For Your Honey Blonde Balayage

With any coloured blonde hair, the aftercare is essential. Just because this sweet hue is low-maintenance (bless), doesn’t mean you should skip products specifically developed for coloured hair, namely blonde hair. Here, we list our favourite blonde-saving products to ensure your honey blonde stays low-maintenance, take a peek.

First, start in the shower by choosing the right sudser

coloured blonde hair will eventually begin to oxidise and leave you with a brassy-looking shade. When this starts to happen, rather than scheduling an emergency appointment with your stylist, use a silver shampoo. These bad boys have been on the market for awhile and they are totally changing what it means to be blonde. Our top pick is L'Oréal Professionnel Silver Shampoo followed byL'Oréal Professionnel Silver Neutralising Conditioner. This combo eliminates brassiness and enhances shine, what honey blonde balayage needs to look divine.

Always mind your masks

if hair masks were not part of your beauty routine before blonde, that needs to change. Hit hair with a moisturising mask at least once a week, think: Sunday afternoon whilst you’re in the bath- self-care is love. We love Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Re-Hab Mask. This au naturel product is formulated with honeycomb and kaolin clay, so was it made for honey blonde balayage? Basically.

Try a treatment

hair treatments seem like a luxurious concept, but they are vital in order to keep your sweet strands strong. The Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment fills gaps in the hair’s cuticle, leaving you with stronger, healthier tresses. Spritz hair with this product after every shampoo and see how quickly your hair transforms, it is a miracle.

So honey, call up your colourist ASAP to cop this sweet look.

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