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Why Rose Gold Hair Will Always Be A Good Idea

22 October 2018
woman with long rose gold hair lying down

What Is Rose Gold Hair?

All that glitters is not gold, it’s rose gold! The must-have colour across fashion, accessories and beauty. Why stop at a rose gold watch? To say we as a nation are obsessed, is not irrational and let us tell you now, it’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere just yet. Rose gold hair is a sophisticated way to have some fun with your look, a subtle hint of pink hues amongst golden tones.

Who Does Rose Gold Hair Suit?

It’s a winning combo for those who already have a golden hint to their mane, a soft rouge added to this can flatter those who find blonde hair washes their complexion out. Think of it as a blusher, but for your hair. The rosy elements complement skin and offer warmth. Rose gold hair suits most people but it can be a long process to get to if your hair is naturally darker, you will need to go considerably lighter to get you there which equals multiple trips to the salon. It’s the perfect transition if you are on your way to a brighter, more vivid pink tone. We are seeing more and more variations of rose gold locks such as the pastel pink balayage and pink colour melts. This means there is a rose gold hue for you too, so seek expert advice to find out what suits.

How Can I Get Rose Gold Hair?

To reach your ultimate hair goals, it takes time and patience but your hair stylist will be able to give you a bespoke timeline for how long it takes to get rose gold hair. Unless you already have lighter coloured hair, you will need to have some lightening on your hair to allow for the dreamy pink tones to come through. Once you have achieved hair nirvana, you will need to ensure that you are caring for your new hair colour properly. Colour can wash out if it is not cared for effectively and using your usual regime might not be the best way to keep you looking rosy. We recommend the almighty power of Pureology, of which all their products are designed to incorporate colour care. Try Strength Cure, a range designed for damaged hair, great if you have committed to lightened hair. Alternatively, Pureology’s Hydrate range is a great all-rounder offering nourishment whilst locking your colour in for longer.

Why Should I Get Rose Gold Hair?

The social media era has given us a global window into what is possible and in the world of hair, it means we have even bigger #hairgoals than ever before. Now is a time for expression and individuality, so exploring new colours is a refreshing way to showcase a little more of you. With hair bonding systems now available across salons with the likes of L’Oreal Professionnel’s Smartbond or Redken’s Ph Bonder, we find we are now able to colour with confidence.

And that’s why, rose gold hair will always be a good idea.

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