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Why Scandi Blonde Hair Should Be Your Next Blonde Move

Elizabeth Hall
04 November 2019
woman with scandi blonde hair colour

The struggle is all too real when hunting for your next hue, especially if you’re a blonde who takes pride in having the latest and greatest hair colour. Allow us to introduce scandi blonde (AKA Scandanavian blonde), the new fair-trend that is universally flattering and icy-cool with a hint of warmth. Scandi blonde hair is the shade of the season that you can wear any season, cheers to that. This variation of platinum blonde was picked up on the ultra high fashion streets of streets of Scandinavia. Instead of spending hours, days or even weeks (oh the time wasted) on social media looking for the perfect shade of blonde, scroll through this article. We’re certain you’ll be booking an appointment with your colourist ASAP- we’ll see you at the salon!

The Important Questions: What Is Scandi Blonde Hair?

back of long blonde scandinavian hair

What’s hot and cold and worn all-over? Scandi blonde hair! Colourists never cease to surprise us with their innovative hair colour creations and scandi blonde (AKA baby blonde hair) is a perfect example. Last season was all about the icy blondes, silver hair, and ashy tones- but it’s time to warm things up in here. To put it simply: scandi blonde is platinum blonde with a pinch of warm tones. Baby blonde hair is hot at the moment because, as we move into another decade, it’s all about au naturel looks (oh la la). When it comes to shade shopping, we all want to be up with the latest, hottest blonde shades, enter scandi blonde.

Pulling off platinum has always been somewhat of a challenge for those with warmer skin tones, before baby blonde hair came into the picture. Thanks to the mix of cool and warm undertones, your colourist can create a bespoke scandi blonde by means of complex hair colouring-chemistry, leave this one to the pros. 

How To Care For Scandi Blonde Hair

woman with blonde scandinavian hair

When you’ve invested in the beautiful colour that is scandi blonde, naturally you would want to protect it from a blonde’s worst enemies- fading and brassiness. Follow these 3 tips to ensure your scandi blonde colour stays fresh in between salon visits:

Tip 1. Invest In The Purple Stuff

Caring for your scandi blonde hair in between trips to the salon can be a challenge. But thanks to every blonde’s best friend - purple shampoo, keeping your colour fresh, light, and bright has never been easier. It’s time to wave goodbye to dullness and brassiness with just the squeeze of a shampoo bottle. 

The best purple shampoo & conditioner: to keep your baby blonde hair babelicious, throw purple hair products into your weekly beauty routine. The experts say to reach for a colour-depositing product (we love Redken Color Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo) once to twice a week to keep your blonde bright and full of life. Follow up with Redken Color Extend Blondage Conditioner to help get strengthened, brass-free blonde tresses you’ve always dreamed of having.

blonde Scandinavian woman smiling and eating

When it comes to hair masks, the product we’re truly crazy for is Redken Color Extend Blondage Express Anti-Brass Hair Mask - this purple mask was formulated to help you become the boss of your blonde, with visible results in just 5 minutes, bless! Every blonde knows that brass has a way of creeping into your tresses at some point, this purple mask will nip this in the bud and give your locks the TLC they need to look totally ‘grammable. Remember, this pearl-y white shade of platinum blonde hair must be treated with care… so if you want to stretch out the time in-between salon appointments, this mask if your best bet.

Tip 2. Leave It To The Pros

When it comes to hair colouring we always, (and we mean, always,) suggest leaving it to the pros in order to avoid any DIY blonde disasters! Your professional colourist not only creates a bespoke shade to match your skintone, but are able to mix in iridescent tones like champagne, and platinum to be sure your colour is one to remember. Also because aftercare is a number one priority when it comes to scandi blonde hair, your hair-expert will be able to provide you with the best advice on the top blonde aftercare- just for you- we basically think of our hair stylists as our fairy godmothers!

Tip 3. Defy Mother Nature

There’s things you can’t change (talking about you, frizzy hair gene), but you can take preventive measures to ensure your bangin’ new shade of scandi blonde stays vibrant. UV rays from the sun damage more than skin, they can wreak havoc on your hair too. With the summer sun, we strongly suggest products that act as after-sun- but for your hair. Our top pick is: Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Range. These products are our best choice to help prevent your new scandi blonde locks from sun damage or chlorine damage, (no thanks, green hair!) 

Ready to take your blonde to the next level? Time to try Scandi girl locks!


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