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Yum Yum Plum Hair Colour Is The Most Delicious Winter Hue

Elizabeth Hall
22 February 2019
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Plum hair has us on cloud wine. The richness of it can be compared to a big ‘ol glass of our favourite beverage, red wine. You can now splash this winter hair colour (non-alcoholic version) from your glass straight to your mane… sans hangover! As we begin to bundle up even tighter, burgundy hair serves as the splash of colour you need in the long, dark days ahead (so you can continue wearing all black, you’re welcome). The colour consists of a deep violet base with red and even blue undertones - just like a glass of pinot noir. Oh, sweet child of wine, what a gorgeous hue you are! You’ve surely seen this shade on social media - unless you’ve been living in a Wi-Fi-less basement the last few months - as it’s trending more and more on Insta. We’ve turned to Megan Niccolls, Colour Specialist at Voodou Salon in Liverpool to fill up our plum-licious inspo glasses. Universally flattering, keep reading to find out why plum hair should be your next winter hair colour - sip, sip hooray!

It’s Wine O’Clock! Why Plum Hair Is Everywhere

One quick glance at plum hair and burgundy hair has us doing a double take, it’s so freaking pretty! Megan agrees:

I am obsessed with plum hair! I think the main reason for me is the shine, it can literally look edible!”

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We’re clearly not alone, Instagram has caught a case of plum-fever as well. By making this your next hair colour, you can go ahead and post cute captions like, “say you’ll be wine”. The plum-y wine puns are great and all, but they’re not the only reason this hair colour is trending hard at the moment… it’s not easy to find a shade that has both cool and warm undertones and that is pretty AF. Somehow, plum hair has managed to crush it, which is why we’re crushing on it! Throw away all misconceptions that this burgundy hair shade isn’t for you: due to the melange of blues, reds, and violets, your stylist can create you a bespoke burgundy hair colour - no wine left behind!

4 Ways To Wear Plum Hair

To get you inspired to call up your colourist, we’ve gathered the most screenshot-worthy ways to wear this look because plum hair, you’re the wine that we want! Luckily for you,

“Plum and burgundy hair is a very versatile colour so depending on the depth and tone you go for, it can suit a lot of people”, says Megan

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But before breaking out bottles of inspiration, the pros have a little tip: as with any colouring service, your locks are more vulnerable to damage the second dye touches them. The hair gurus (pro stylists) suggest using L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond strengthening system every step of the way to help protect the integrity of your locks. Because burgundy hair requires a lot of shine to showcase its dimension, this service is highly recommended during your colouring service.

Look #1: Pastel Plum

How precious is pastel? When plum hair takes form in this paler hue, we’re sold. The strong undertones of rose gold make this an excellent choice for a winter hair colour because it radiates warmth. Ideally, this look works best on those with warm and olive skin tones, but can be tailored by your stylist to suit nearly anyone. Cosy up by the fire with pastel plum hair!

Look #2: Plum All-Over Colour

Perfect for brunettes wanting to liven up their colour on its last leg, an all-over plum shade is ideal. It’s rich and and packed with different dimensional tints that you can see in the sun, so gorge. We would be lying if we said this look wasn’t one of our all-time favourite colours for warm-toned skin. Bonus: burgundy hair makes bright eyes (blue and green) pop in the most stunning way.

Look #3: Black-Plum Ombré

This version of plum hair was made for those wanting something a little more out-there, but not off the wire. What’s great about ombré - you are able to keep your roots dark and the grow out process is pretty seamless. This take works on pretty much everyone because you’re keeping your base colour and just colouring the ends. Dip your tips; half-burgundy hair is the way to go if you’re not fully committed to the colour!

Look #4: Plum Lowlights

If you just want subtle flashes of plum hair, you’ve met your match with plum lowlights. This look has fun vibes that are completely office-appropriate (even in Buckingham Palace). Time to back that glass up right into the salon chair for your purple plum hair!

How To Care For Plum Hair

The last thing you need is more reasons to wine (last one, we swear!). Keep your burgundy hair colour from fading by ensuring your locks are never thirsty (dry). Moisture helps keeps the cuticle of the hair sealed, minimising the amount of colour that is washed out with each shampoo. You’ll need to make sure your shower caddy is stocked with products like Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner - this duo has moisturising properties that give your burgundy hair locks vibrancy and shine that is divine!

“For my more vibrant clients, take home top-up pots are my favourite thing; mixing custom tones of direct dyes so they can up keep their beautiful new colours at home, by either adding the colour into their conditioner to keep the tone lasting longer, or simply applying the top up pots once a week! Using colour shampoo or sulphate free shampoo will really keep plum hair looking beautiful!”, Megan advises.

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Speaking of sulphate free, Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner cleanses your hair without stripping colour with its 100% vegan formula. Plus, it smells good enough to eat (don’t do that, please).

Match your hair to your fave glass of red for a beautiful head - cheers to that!

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