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Baby, It's Cold Outside: Why Babylights Are The Winter Highlights To Wish For

Elizabeth Hall
29 January 2019
blonde woman with fur coat and babylights

Low maintenance and oh-so-fine - literally - babylights are the highlights for hair you should be after this season. Naughty or nice, we think everyone deserves some subtle streaks of sunshine hand-painted throughout their hair. So between all the selfless acts you’ll be indulging in, treat yourself to the gift that will keep on giving: babylights! Here, we discuss what these fine highlights for hair consist of, who suits them (spoiler alert: everyone), and why they’re perfect for the dreary season of winter! Read on for all the deets on our favourite highlights for hair.

Wait… What Are Babylights?

We’re all well-informed about the wonders of highlights: they brighten your face, serve as a natural highlighter (move over, contouring kit), accentuate eye colour, and can even give the illusion of a slimmer face! But, what is the difference between plain ol’ highlights and babylights? It’s all in the technique. Babylights involve the precise painting of tiiiiny highlights whereby the stylist takes a section of hair they’re going to paint and then splits that in half. It’s a fine art, and can only be achieved by a talented hair professional, so do not try this at home. These highlights are very delicate and natural, as if you were born with them.

If you’re colour-shy or wanting a low-maintenance change, say hello to babylights. The experts say if you’re doing a full-head of these highlights for hair you should expect to get them touched up every eight weeks, whilst if you’ve opted for a few here and there you need only to pop to the salon every 12-14 weeks. Low-key maintenance, high-key gorgeous. Here are two of the best highlights for hair services out there to get the babylights of your dreams.

Option One: Redken Express Blonde

If time was the only thing keeping you from the salon chair, excuses are out - the Redken Express Blonde service works in less than 30 minutes with its heat-activated technology to provide you with babylights (or other highlighting services) pronto, that will not sacrifice quality for time. This is the future of highlighting for gals on the go!

Option Two: L’Oréal Professionnel Instant Highlights

If you’re after face-framing babylights in a hurry, L’Oréal Pro has got you covered with their Instant Highlights service. Bless technology for allowing us not one, but two speedy services that will give you perfect highlights you want in no time. This service, like Redken Express Blonde, also has a menu that covers our every highlighting need, like bespoke babylights!

Who Will Suit Babylights?

Try and name a more universally flattering highlighting technique, we’ll wait. As mentioned earlier, this option for sun-kissed strands does suit everyone - yes, everyone. The logic is simple: babylights are hand-painted, so they are completely bespoke. It’s best to have a pre-lightening consultation with your stylist to discuss what features you want to be accentuated or downplayed prior to your actual hair colouring appointment.

Pro stylists tell us that with the right placement of your baby highlights, you can illuminate your skin tone and maximise your haircut and colour. Everyone likes to get the most of their money, and with these highlights for hair, you certainly will. The best part of lightening up your strands these days? Endless options. Everyone can be blonde, it’s about choosing the shade that suits your skin tone, eye colour, and more importantly, lifestyle! Make sure you take these things into consideration when consulting with your stylist pre-babylights.

Babylights Are The Winter Highlights For Hair!

Ah, dull UK winter weather - grey skies, mushy snow… but wait! What are those beautiful rays of sunshine penetrating the dull atmosphere? Your stunning babylights are what! We think there’s no better way to liven up your look than by asking your colourist for the beautifully bespoke face-framing babylights. Other than being the sunshine we needed in our lives, there’s another big reason that babylights and winter go hand in hand - maintenance!

The cold weather is notorious for drying out hair because when it’s cold outside, guess where the humidity goes? It’s sucked right back up into the atmosphere, leaving strands lacklustre and straw-like. Babylights have come to the rescue because instead of heavy highlights for hair, this finer lightening option requires less strands to come into contact with bleach, meaning less dryness in the face of winter.

Babylights Hair Care Tips

As with any highlights for hair, in order for your babylights to look and feel top notch, you should be using the right products. L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color A Ox shampoo and conditioner will make your coloured strands supple and soft-to-touch whilst protecting them from harmful, damaging UV rays (yes, they’re still around in winter). Win, win!

If you’re wanting something to add a little more oomph to your new babylights, ask your stylist about L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Powermix Colour. This is an in-salon only treatment that addresses your biggest hair care concerns with the highest amount of concentrated hair goodies on the market. Highlights with high shine, we dig it. 


Get some babylights to keep (your hair) warm this chilly season!

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