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Don’t Be A Drag, Be A Queen: Dishing The Dirt on Blonde Root Drag

05 November 2019
back of womans blonde hair with root drag

If the only thing stopping you from joining your blonde sisters on the fun side of life is dealing with the maintenance, then you need to hear about blonde root drag. This is the perfect way to get your dream colour without dealing with regrowth showing up like an unwanted guest, and making your everlasting blonde dreams disappear. Here’s the what, why and how on blonde root drag and the easiest ways to care for it after the salon to convince you to join the drag movement.

What Is Root Drag?

woman with medium blonde hair smiling

Anyone who has ever dyed their hair blonde knows that the regrowth struggle is one of the most frustrating aspects of rocking flaxen locks. Regrowth has a way of showing up a few weeks after your last salon appointment, showing the world that blonde is in fact not your real colour and shattering any hopes of eternal blondeness. Fortunately for us, the pros have heard our prayers and come up with blonde root drag, the only haircare technique you need to revolutionise how you colour. It goes by a number of names, from root stretching to root shadowing, but all you need to know about this amazing technique is that it’s a fresh take on balayage and is perfect for creating a natural-looking effect.

“To root drag, tap, shadow or stretch, there are more denominations but I’ll leave it there, you get the idea! A root ultimately means the same thing - to add dimension, depth and contrast to hair colour across all hair colour levels.Where it can really make a major impact is with your blondes.”

Craig Purves


The difference between blonde root drag and balayage comes down to the way they’re applied on the hair which we’ll get to below. They also differ in the overall finish that your stylist can achieve, with the focus of blonde root drag coming down to the roots. This technique makes the line between where the root starts and finishes harder to see and keeps you blonder for that much longer.

“At the softer end of the scale we have a root shadow. This would be two shades deeper than the blonde you have.”

Craig Purves



How Does Root Drag Work?

woman with medium blonde hair root drag

Blonde root drag is a technique that blends out your natural root colour for longer-lasting results. Your stylist achieves this by painting on the colour first and then weaving out sections of the hair to drag the root colour down your strands for a natural-looking effect. No blocking, no chunky highlights, just gorgeous blended results. This helps to minimise the harsh appearance of regrowth, especially common for those with a dark natural base. This means that the colour continues to look blended and natural, even months later, ideal for those who enjoy beautiful low maintenance hair (ie. everyone). Because of the level of skill required to make this technique look good, we can’t stress enough how important it is to leave it to the professionals. DIY jobs just don’t cut it, when it comes to getting the perfect root drag blonde hair, get it done right in the salon chair. We recommend Matrix SoColor.Beauty Ultra Blonde, an exclusive in-salon treatment to achieve root drag blonde hair. It helps to lift and tone your hair up to 5 levels and contains a built-in Fortibond technology, to help strengthen and protect your locks. Ideal for showcasing your beautiful blonde root drag.

Who Suits Blonde Root Drag?

woman with medium blonde hair root drag

This technique is ideal for those with shoulder-length to long hair, anything shorter can be harder to blend. It looks especially good on those with textured or wavy hair, as this helps to make the blended root drag blonde look even more natural. Complete the look with L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Ring Light Pure Styling Spray to add gloss and shine to your overall style. Drag root blonde works well on those with medium to thick hair to keep things well-blended, and suits all hair textures, from straight to curly and everything in between.

Aftercare For Your Root Drag Blonde Hair

“Should your hair be sensitive or on the wrong side of porous, then a weekly restorative hair treatment, such as Pureology’s Colour Fanatic Mask would not only add strength but also provide anti fading UV protection.”

Craig Purves


While blonde root drag may help to keep things looking natural at the roots, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you’re caring for your hair properly and helping maintain its radiance throughout your hair. Make sure you’re using a colour-respecting shampoo like Redken Color Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo to keep any brassiness away while brightening and strengthening your strands. After cleansing and rinsing, follow up with Redken Color Extend Blondage Conditioner to tone your root drag blonde hair and leave it looking soft and luscious. Keep the heat styling to a minimum as this can damage and dry out your colour (straw hair is never a good look), and remember to keep the temperature low in the shower for vibrant results. Finally, while drag root blonde hair will cut down on how regularly you need to visit the salon, it’s important to go for trims to snip away any damage, and keep your colour looking fresh.

We’re calling it now: drag root blonde hair is the ultimate low maintenance technique to get gorgeous blonde locks. Find out what all the fuss is about by making an appointment at your salon ASAP to see why blonde root drag is blowing up everywhere.


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