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Colour Addict: How To Repair Bleach Damaged Hair

23 January 2019
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There’s no doubt that hair colour is a powerful tool of self-expression. Trends like metallic balayage rose gold hair or an icy platinum blonde can leave an onlooker mesmerized. But bleaching your hair in the name of fashion can come at a price. Amber Swift, Colour Specialist and part of the Charlie Miller Artistic Team, shares some valuable insight on the risks you face when colouring your strands and how to repair bleach damaged hair.

What Is Bleached Hair And The Hair Bleaching Process?

We often book ourselves in for a service without really knowing all the detail behind it. Granted, we know that hair bleaching lightens the hair but how? It depends what tone of colour your aiming to achieve “To achieve your desired colour, the product chosen for your hair is dependent on your natural base and it may not always be bleach” explains Amber,

“bleached hair is a service used to lift hair colour by up to seven levels removing the natural pigment."

Amber Swift L’Oréal Colour Specialist

There are also many methods in how bleach can be applied “It can be applied like a tint direct to the scalp or in foil” to achieve different effects. The hair bleaching process does not end there “this would usually take 30-45 mins to apply plus development time and then a toner is applied” says Amber. So, bleaching is lifting but we then need to level it out to the desired colour.

“a toning service always follows the bleach as, without it, hair would appear yellow.”

Amber Swift L’Oréal Colour Specialist

This is where you can create beautiful ashy blonde hair or pearl blonde hair tones, eliminating brassy tones from your hair. Heard of purple shampoo? That’s what role it plays too.

What Happens To Bleach Coloured Hair?

It’s no secret that bleaching your hair drastically changes the existing colour but to what extent? It’s important to remember that, since bleaching is a chemical treatment, it can actually alter the normal structure of your hair, often causing bleach damaged hair. As a rule of thumb, if you often change your hair colour, then you are more likely to weaken the health of your strands. But thankfully, with the help of your stylist, there are ways to repair bleach damaged hair!


woman holding blond hair with split ends

How To Help Repair Bleach Damaged Hair With Your Stylist

Fend against bleach damaged hair right at the source by getting your hair coloured by a professional.

If I have a new client who has shown a photograph of their preferred colour then I would always recommend doing a strand test to see if the bleach process is suitable for their hair type and if the end result is achievable in one sitting.”

Amber Swift L’Oréal Colour Specialist

And there there are steps you can take to prevent bleach damage hair  and repair bleached hair, “A sensitivity or porosity test has must be carried out before your appointment to read the condition during the consultation.”

For added restorative measures at home for bleach damaged hair, experts highly recommend L’Oréal Professionnel’s Smartbond  A client’s hair condition is top of my priority list so should the hair not be bleachable right away due to its poor condition then I’d start the journey off with the stand-alone Smartbond service to strengthen the hair.” Amber is a fan of the bonding product to re-strengthen damaged hair.

Prevent Future Breakage When Colouring Your Hair

We know that there will always be the temptation to try out a new hair colour, so hear us out. Once you’ve brought back your hair to its optimal health, make sure to take better precautionary measures for future colouring.


woman holding blond hair with split ends

Products To Help Restore Bleach Damaged Hair

Amber Swift’s recommended products for bleached damaged hair;

  • Kérastase Chronologiste “regarded as the ultimate indulging treat for your hair. These in-salon treatments are applied instead of a conditioner. All three can also be taken home to top up when you feel your condition is in need. In between visits I’d also recommend a bespoke aftercare package to look after your hair.”

Arm yourself with these tips on how to repair bleached hair and never face these hair woes again!

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