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Hair Colour: Do You DIY Or Leave It To The Pros?

30 August 2018
brunette woman colouring her own hair

When it comes to hair colour, it’s great to experiment – but not if that means ending up with a dodgy colour or damaging your hair in the process. It’s exactly the reason why going to a salon for your colour puts you in safe hands. Experienced with cutting-edge techniques and finding the exact right tone for their clients, going to a professional for a seamless colour experience is a no-brainer. 

Colourists have a meticulous ability to match the perfect colour to your skin tone, eye tone AND even face shape so you can achieve the hair colour of your dreams. 

Here’s the lowdown on why you should ditch the DIY and pro colour instead… 

Q: Will Colouring Actually Damage My Hair?

A: Going to a salon is your safeguard against damaging your hair. Before colouring - and even washing and cutting your hair - your stylist will conduct a hair diagnostic to determine the health of your hair and the colour that’s achievable without causing any damage. You can expect a thorough colour consultation with lots of questions about your hair, colour history and lifestyle before you commit.

David Lucas, French Kérastase expert hair stylist says: "The first thing I do to diagnose the level of nourished hair my client has is to test the elasticity to see how fragile it is. When I pull at healthy hair, it bounces right back, but if it's tired, it's a lot tighter”. The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

If your colourist finds that your hair strands are in need of some TLC, they may advise you to reach your desired colour goal in several steps over time. 

Q: How Do I Know What Hair Colour Is Right For Me?

A: It might be that you’ve been coveting a specific colour for ages and saving it to your vast Instagram/Pinterest hair inspo, but be warned: there could be a chance it could clash with your skin tone. A professional hair colourist will guide you to your match-made-in-heaven tone. For example, it might be that you had a honey blonde in mind, but the warm undertones to your skin mean that you’ll actually look better with a nude beige. Colourists are geniuses when it comes to knowing what will – and won’t – suit you. 

Q: What If The Hair Colour I Really Want Doesn’t Actually Exist? 

A: When it comes to salon colour, the possibilities are vast when it comes to shades and tones. Thanks to their pro mixing techniques, salons open you up to an infinite palette so if you’re lusting after a specific shade anything is possible (disclaimer: if it suits you!). 

“A professional is able to mix several shades in order to create the perfect color according to your preferences and needs,” says Jérémy Blanc, stylist for L’Oréal Professionnel. The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

Go into the salon armed with your colour choice and an open mind and you’ll find the tone that’s just right for your hair. 

Q: What Can I Do To Protect My Colour In The Salon That I Couldn’t Do At Home?

A: The possibilities are endless at the backwash. The big advantage of visiting a salon is the high-tech, add-on treatments available to protect your hair against potential damage from colouring. A product like L'Oréal Professionnel Smartbond is an in-salon treatment that helps strengthen and protect hair fibres, minimising stress on hair during the colour process. 
Matthew Collins, expert hair stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel ambassador says: “With Smartbond, my clients are able to maintain 100% of their hair’s integrity while colouring it exactly how they want to.” The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

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