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Henna Hair Revival - Herbal Hair Colour

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30 August 2018
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Henna Hair Revival

How henna hair colour is back on trend for natural looking hair colour. Our hair.com lowdown on application, product and technique to achieve your best natural Henna colour.

Its official: henna hair dye is having a serious revival. Henna hair dye isn’t a new colour technology – but there’s a reason it’s been used for more than 6000 years. Using henna is the ultimate way to achieve pure colour, in the most natural way. Cleopatra, Nefertiti and ancient Romans all used Henna to colour their hair – and it’s just as relevant in salons today.

So why is henna hair dye back on our colour radar? This ancient herbal ingredient is trending again with a new wave of conscious consumers seeking out natural ways to colour their hair. It’s why we’re seeing a big rise in natural products and botanicals on salon menus.

Consumers are looking for sustainably sourced products and vegan ingredients, but with the added booster of advanced science for seamless hair colour. With beauty trends, comes clever new innovations like Botanéa, L’Oreal Professionnel’s first ever 100% natural hair colour. Turns out traditional henna hair dye just got a 2018 makeover… (Cleopatra will be sad she missed the hair boat). This game-changing, all-natural in-salon hair colour features a trio of plant-based ingredients, sustainably sourced from India: Pure Henna, Indigo and Cassia. Combined only using water to create rich, vibrant hair colour.

We spoke to Adam Reed from Percy & Reed and L'Oréal Professionnel’s Ambassador about this new exciting launch;

“Expect glossy and natural, with a beautiful glaze and tone throughout the hair. The finish that you get is second to none natural, high-shine gloss.”

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

So why herbal hair dye? Many women now feel that natural products are important. Consumers want to know about the origins of their ingredients and exactly what they’re putting on their skin and hair.

Henna is undeniably one of the most famous herbal hair dyes, and the henna used for Botanéa comes from the leaves of Lawsonia Inermis, grown in Rajasthan, north-west India. Its leaves release unique warm copper pigments, making it ideal for dark warm blondes and red heads.

The second star plant in Botanéa is Indigo - a game-changer for dark shades - transforming colour from muted dark bases to enriched glossy manes. This powerful natural dye from the indigo plant, Indigofera Tinctoria, contains blue to purple pigments that are ideal for brunette and dark bases.

Thirdly, Cassia is often dubbed ‘neutral henna’ as it doesn’t have any colouring properties – but does act as the perfect natural hair toner and harmoniser. When mixed with Henna and Indigo or both depending on your bespoke hair colour, Cassia works to intensify or softens as well as acting as a natural shine agent.

“It’s organic and natural which an incredible high shine result. The perfect alternative for someone who hasn’t coloured their hair before” Says Siobhan Jones, Colour Ambassador at Headmasters on Botanéa.

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Traditional henna hair dye colours were often restrictive, but new natural innovations like Botanéa bring more versatility to the colour party. The extensive palette of 100% natural shades range from light blonde through to deep, chocolate brunette.

Think customised colour that works with each individual’s natural base – and lasts. Time to get your organic on…

Henna Hair Goals

So, how does today’s henna hair dye work? Read on for a Botanéa pro masterclass:

Is Henna Hair For Me?

YES - The combination of three herbal powders give customised results. The colourist combines the powder pigments to get the desired shade and mixes them with water, heated to a precise temperature.

Does It Cover Grey?

Yes, for brunettes with over 30% white or grey hair, the colourist layers on the hair colour. It’s applied twice in succession to blend white hairs for full coverage, working with the hair’s natural highs and lows to create a customised colour.  

I Have Used Other Hair Colours, Can I Still Use Henna?

Yes, it can be used on pre-coloured hair or natural hair.

Can I Go Lighter With Natural Hair Colour?

NO, you can’t go lighter but you can get a beautiful hair glow that will enhance your natural tones and add gloss.

How Do I Care For Henna Hair?

Experts are recommending natural haircare to maintain their Botanéa hair vibrancy and longevity, using the L'Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle range. The hero product? Try Radiance Balm, with 99% natural origin ingredients, it moisturises colour treated hair and maximises colour longevity and radiance.

To get colour care as well as volume check out Pureology, packed with colour-fade technology – their Clean Volume range offers volume without the issue of colour fade (a rare gem!).

Where Do I Sign Up?

Botanéa is available nationwide in the UK and Ireland across salons now. So, what are you waiting for?

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