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Highlights In A Hurry: Get Highlights Quicker Than Ever Before

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
woman with long blonde highlighted hair

Time is valuable… so is looking your best. Have you ever wanted to get a splash of blonde highlights but see time as a virtue? Luckily for you, achieving highlights in 2018 can be done in under 45 minutes - and yes, they look great.  The hair gods have come to our rescue - Redken Express Blonde and L'Oréal Professionnel Instant Highlights ensure stunning results that won’t have you sacrificing outcome or time. Adam Reed from Percy & Reed and L'Oréal Professionnel’s Ambassador tells us a little more about this faster blonding service that has shaken up the industry. Read on to find out how to get gorgeous highlights without having to sit in a salon chair for hours - goodbye numb legs!

Why Try An Instant Highlights Service?

Quick highlights are the future of hair highlighting. If you’re drawn to the low-maintenance look of balayage or are hesitant to let colour touch your virgin hair then these services will suit you to a tee.

Customisable: these new speedy services allow you to experiment with hair colour on your terms. Here’s why you should consider this time-saving service.

Time-Efficient: In the modern world, we’re all about the hustle. Whether you’re a busy student running around campus or a time-tight professional with an insane work schedule, we know time is valuable and so does Adam;

“When I’ve been able to offer L’Oréal Professionnel’s Instant Highlights as an additional service to my clients and they are time poor, they are always really surprised and happy with the results they get from it. It’s perfect for adding a bit of blonde here and there.“

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

The new instant highlights services were designed to cut colouring time in half - let’s be honest, popping into the salon in less time than it takes your laundry to finish is appealing. Most of us have 30 minutes to spare throughout the day - make the most of it and add a splash of colour to those locks!

Colour Shy: Maybe you’re colour-shy and you can’t fathom a drastic change. If you’re new to hair colour then instant highlights are a great way to explore it. You’re in control of how subtle you want your highlights to be, so no stressing about your friends not recognising you. If it’s the damage you’re worried about, then we have good news for you: these services se essential oils in their lightening cream to reduce the risk of heat-induced hair damage. You can reduce harm to your locks even further by asking your hair colourist to mix in L'Oréal Professionnel Smartbond or Redken pH Bonder hair treatment services to your lightening cream for protected, stronger hair.

Touch-Ups Made Easy: Refresh that grown-out balayage or ombre that has your hair looking drab. If the biggest barrier for you to get a hair touch-up has been time then you no longer have an excuse! Enough procrastinating, you can revive your tired dye-job in under 45 minutes and the results are bright and beautiful.

How To Get Instant Highlights

Ready to hop on the instant highlights bandwagon? We will leave the technique to the pros, however, you should think about what kind of highlights you want before visiting a salon. Your stylist will be happy to help you get a bespoke colour but it always helps to have an idea and better yet, a hair inspo photo. Two instant highlight services we love?

1. L'Oréal Professionnel Instant Highlights

This service is done in under 45 minutes and offers an Instant Highlight Menu to help get you on track to flawless blonde. Here’s what they’ve got cooking.

  • Instant Hair Contouring: This service does exactly that - instantly frames the face and accentuates facial features with clever contouring techniques and strategic colour placement.
  • Instant Lights: Perfect for colour-shy beauties, this service adds a beautiful, subtle dimension of colour for a flawless sun-kissed effect.
  • Instant Revive: Revives and brightens up your ombre and balayage grow out with fresh colour accents.
  • Instant Pop: Adds a pop of colour to your locks from subtle pastel hues to bolder statement shades.

2. Redken Express Blonde

The blonding possibilities become endless with this service. The in-salon process uses heat technology that will have you in and out of the salon in, wait for, 20 minutes. The Express Blonde service also comes with a delicious menu, check it out.

  • Rapid Refresh:Touch up your sad looking balayage in 20 minutes!
  • Babylights: Frame your face with touches of sun-kissed blonde - sans the sun.
  • Bronde Blend: Calling all colour-shy ladies - this one's for you. Experiment with going lighter without drastic results.
  • Sombre: A subtle ombre that is craftily blended.

With such a speedy service, you can look up the nearest salon on your lunch break for a beautiful splash of colour.

The experts have miraculously discovered how to cut salon time in half and the results are every bit as stunning. These game-changing instant highlighting services were made to make our lives easier - embrace the simplicity!

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