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How You Can Wear Highlights In Your Hair Too

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
woman getting highlights in her blonde hair
Highlights are arguably one of the best and easiest ways to accentuate your true beauty.  When your stylist adds highlights to just the right areas, it really can do wonders; drawing attention to eyes, illuminating cheekbones, and even making your face look slimmer! The best part about highlights is that they can work beautifully for a whole host of colours and they’re a great way to test the waters of hair colouring - dip your toe in, you won’t be let down. Keep scrolling to learn about the most important factors when it comes to achieving those sunny streaks.

How To Wear Highlights

What we love so much about the golden hints of sunshine that are highlights is that they are literally for everyone. With careful placement of colours around your face, you can naturally enhance your best features and can improve the appearance of your skin tone, sans makeup. We’re sold.

The big question remains: how to wear highlights? This can’t be sussed out as a generality or a science because highlights are about customising shimmers of blonde to improve your look. What can be broken down is technique… there are typically two ways of highlighting hair by using foils or balayage (hand painting). From there, the options are truly endless.

With so many flavours to choose from with highlights, where do you begin? We’ve laid out some beautifully bright options for your inspirational pleasure - take these ideas to your next salon appointment.

Hair Highlight #1: Babylights

This technique first won us over in 2014 when people started craving a taste for the finer things in life. They constitute subtle, finer highlights, while the strands are generally more separated - baby highlights, if you will - ahh.

These highlights are natural-looking and are inspired by where the sun would naturally kiss your mane. The application process involves foiling little strands to blend more evenly with the base colour. We love that babylights can be applied to any hair colour-skin tone combo. Brunettes, redheads and blondes can have fun with highlights in a very low-maintenance way. Since the highlights are so fine, the overall grow out looks softer and more subtle - there is no heavy distinction where your sunny streaks begin and end. If you want noticeable highlights but don’t want something as obvious as ombre or balayage, give this colour option a go. 

Hair Highlight #2: T-Sectioned Highlights

If you’re colour shy but want to dabble with dying your ‘do, this option has your name on it. This technique is about highlighting the hairs around your face to make you shine bright like a diamond. They are typically applied with foils where you would normally part your tresses, colouring the top quarter of your hair. On completion, the hair through the top and side are foiled, leaving your underhead strands untouched. Ask your stylist about getting the new speedy service, L’Oréal Professional Instant Highlights that gives you sun-kissed locks of glory in less than an hour. The pros tell these are perfect for those who don’t want to be too extra with over-highlighting, those who already have highlights but want to cover the grow out, or to simply add a little oomph to your hair.


Hair Highlight #3: Balayage 

What would a highlighting list be without the famous French technique: balayage? You don’t have to be a pro to know the process that we have all grown to love. The word balayage is French for “to sweep” - which is literally what your stylist does when lightening your locks.

During the balayage service, your colourist paints hair colour just on the surface of your hair freehand for a gradient effect that is stunning and oh-so-natural. The technique works with the natural patterns of your hair and because the lightener is hand-painted you get a totally bespoke finish. A well-done balayage should be very soft at the roots leading to thicker highlights towards the ends. Result? Just been kissed by the Californian sun.

Lightening up your locks can brighten up your face and who doesn’t love a glowing look? Perfectly bespoke highlights are a work of art - call your stylist today to treat yourself to an instantly illuminating makeover.

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