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Purple Shampoo vs Blue Shampoo - The Differences: A Blondes Guide

Elizabeth Hall
14 May 2019
woman with long blonde hair

Maybe we’ll never know if blondes really do have more fun. What we do know is that in order to keep your blonde hair an envious icy-hue whilst holding off on your next salon appointment, you’ll need to incorporate a purple shampoo or… a blue shampoo into your wash-day routine. Sounds easy enough… but when you find yourself in a sea of products, what’s a girl to do? Do we reach for the purple shampoo or blue shampoo? You may be surprised to know that there’s a big difference between the two and we’re delivering everything you need to know when product paralyses strikes again - brass be gone! Here, you’ll learn why these colour-depositing shampoos are your friend, the difference between them, and which one is your hair hero. Read on and brass off!

Purple Shampoo vs Blue Shampoo: What Is The Difference

If you have blonde hair, you want to live your best life (brass-free). How can a blonde have more fun whilst stressing about unwanted tones ruining her aesthetic? Before popping to the salon to pick up the product that’s right for you, there’s a few things you should definitely know - namely, purple shampoo or blue shampoo? The difference between purple shampoo and blue shampoo can be sussed out with some very simple science: when you look at a colour wheel, you will see that blue is opposite of orange and purple, opposite of yellow, so…

Blue shampoos are ideal for darker blonde hair, light brunettes, or brunettes with blonde hair highlights. Why? Going back to the colour wheel, blue cancels out orange - notorious for showing its ugly face on lightened brunette hair. On the other hand…

Purple shampoos work by neutralising yellow tones (which are prone to popping up like an angry neighbour during a party) on those with an extra-light to true blonde hair colour.

Bonus: Silver shampoos will be the best choice if you have platinum blonde, silver, or grey hair.

So, counteractive colours are key here - blue tackles orange whilst purple tackles yellow. If you’re reading this because you coloured your hair a week ago and it’s already entering brass territory, don’t fret, we gotchu girl!

woman with wavy blonde hair hanging outside a car

Blonde Hair Heroes: The Perfect Shampoo According To Your Colour

Not only does the opposite slice of the colour neutralise unwanted brassiness, but you can also find purple shampoo and blue shampoo with nourishing properties that keep your shade going stronger for longer. Like all hair products, colour depositing shampoos are evolving faster than ever… and with this scientific feat (in the hair colouring world) comes options - thank you science! We’ve taken the liberty of sorting out your product soulmate, de nada. If you’re rocking an icy blonde hair hue, it’s only natural you become protective of such an investment - and with that, cheers to the longevity of your colour!

The Best Purple Shampoos For Blonde Hair…

  • L'Oréal Professionnel Blondifier Cool Shampoo: this illuminating purple shampoo is perfect for colour-treated blonde hair. In addition to making you a better, brighter blonde, it gently cleanses hair, leaving it feeling soft and shiny! Three birds, one stone? Yas please.
  • Redken Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner: pros recommend this product for any blonde or those with blonde highlights. The formula breaks up with brass - goodbye, forever - and it’s enriched with triple acid protein complex tones, known to strengthen the hair follicle from within. Follow the shampoo with Redken Blondage conditioner for an extra dose of moisture to liven up your colour. Pick up this product at your local salon to look like you just spent hours in the chair (no one has to know!).
  • Kérastase Blond Absolu: this marvel of a range works wonders on all lightened or highlighted hair. It hydrates hair, protects from oxidation (blonde hair’s nemesis), neutralises unwanted tones, aaand boosts colour luminosity. Ah, the caviar of purple shampoos!

Our Favourite Blue Shampoo For Blonde Hair…

  • Matrix Brass Off: if you’re suffering from a case of boxed bleach turned orange, time to turn your attention to Matrix’s Brass Off. This product will not only help neutralise your self-inflicted colouring disaster, but offers up to 10x less breakage - it’s ideal for any lightened cool tones.

The Best Silver Shampoos For Blonde Hair…

  • L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo: if you’re rocking a grey, platinum or white colour, this one is a winner. There’s nothing more aesthetic than a cool, clarified platinum colour… and nothing worse than unwanted yellow tones revealing themselves. Not cool, brass, not cool. This product is enhanced with magnesium and colour-correcting tones to banish yellow and brass whilst leaving hair softer as silk!
  • Matrix So Silver: while most silver shampoos are aimed for lighter blondes, this one is great for all lightened hair. It kicks warmth to curb by eliminating brassy tones - keep your silver sassy!
  • Redken Graydient: if you’ve decided to embrace the grey like a lot of women are opting to do these days, you need this product. Graydient says goodbye to yellow tones while releasing custom direct dyes for your most radiant grey yet!


Once you’ve selected your suitable shampoo, use it every fortnight to refresh your hair tone, or when you deem it necessary. You should try to avoid washing hair everyday if it is coloured to retain your colour. Find out how often you should really wash your hair.

Whether it’s purple or blue, there’s a bottle of brass-fighting goodness just for you!

Want to know what your hairdresser recommends for you? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you today!

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