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Salon vs At-Home Colour: What A Pro Colourist Can Do For Your Hair

29 August 2018
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Hands up if you’ve attempted DIY colour at home before – and failed... The colour may have been uneven, or the shade didn’t turn out as you expected. It’s why many of us trust in our salon for major colour transformations. Whether it’s toying over temporary, permanent, tone-on-tone or highlights - or even what shade to get – colourists can give you a made-to-measure hair colour that suits you.

Here’s why you should book in to the salon, and leave the DIY box days behind you.

Your Pro Will Help You Pick A Colour

No need to be indecisive when you’re faced with countless colours. Hair pros know their stuff when it comes to tailored colour that works for your tresses. The colour you opt for isn’t necessarily always the exact shade that’s transferred onto your strands. Why? The end colour result often depends on your hair condition. If you regularly colour your hair, the fibre is likely to be more porous and therefore will absorb more of the colour.

The natural texture and thickness of your hair also affects the amount of colour it absorbs. Thick and oily hair, for example, will often require a longer processing time.

If you’re thinking that it’s an easy task to pop on a splash of colour, let it set and wash it out, think again.”When you’re trying to do hair colour yourself it’s easy to overlap. Your colourist can tell the whole story of your hair and what needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

We certainly agree that they are the experts and as such, they are always our choice!

Get A Colour That Suits Your Face Shape

Skin and eye tone is crucial when it comes to picking out a hair colour, but your face shape is also a major factor. Just like a make-up artist, colourists know exactly how to use hair colour to sculpt and highlight your best features, aka hair contouring. For example, if you have a long face, you can go dark with your roots and lighten the mid-bottom section of your hair to widen and balance out your profile.

If you do opt for hair contouring, ask your expert about L’Oréal Professionnel’s Blondifier range. Integrated into your haircare regime, this helps to brighten and enhance the appearance of multi-dimensional tones in coloured hair. Genius.

Go Wild With Colour - With Zero Risk

If  you’re seeking more radical change when it comes to hair colour, make for the salon chair. With the #colorfulhair trend exploding onto our Instagram feeds, you may have been tempted to try out a vibrant, more unconventional shade. But if you’re going wilder with vivids like violet or cotton candy pink, it’s often necessary to discolour your strands first - this removes the natural pigment to enable your new vibrant hue to shine through. Traditionally, the process used to be stressful on your strands, but thanks to new hair technology, pro colourists can meet your craziest colour demands - and not put your hair at risk. 


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