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Short Hair Balayage - How You Too Can Wear The Trend

Elizabeth Hall
19 January 2019
woman with short blonde balayage style hair

If you’re working with little length and don’t think you can pull off a blonde balayage on short hair, stop right there. On the contrary, short hair happens to be the perfect platform for a blonde balayage. The pair are a match made in heaven because they work like a built-in highlighter for your pretty face - hello cheekbones! There isn’t a trendier way to liven up your short strands and get that sun kissed effect everyone’s lusting after. This duo is basically ready-to-go makeup, and we’reseriously feeling it. Keep reading to see how you can wear blonde balayage on short hair for the most winning combo you’ve ever seen.

Why You Should Rock A Blonde Balayage For Short Hair

Take your bob from drab to fab by painting in bespoke blonde highlights to display the beautiful dimension and layers of shorter cuts. The duo of a blonde balayage on short hair is beaut and one gander through Instagram reassures us of the popularity of this trend as it’s being embraced by celebs and models alike. Its low-maintenance nature (no grow-out, you say?) is just another reason to add to the long list of why we love balayage so much. If you thought only ladies with length can sport this trend then you were dead wrong, you only need about five inches of hair to work in a gorge blonde balayage. Short, bouncy locks painted with natural-looking streaks of gold will be your ticket out of lacklustre city.

Hairstyles For Blonde Balayage On Short Hair

You finally have the cool girl lob of your dreams ft. freshly painted balayage highlights, ultimate hair goals. But you’re at a loss for styling inspo… we’ve got your back. The spectrum of style doesn’t end with the length of your hair; your chic ‘do deserves to shine bright across the board, and with these short hairstyles, you will be sure to light up every room you walk into.

Straight Edge Curls

This modern take on curls works wonders on all face shapes and is trending hard in the hair world. It’s anything but straight edge. With loose curls cascading from just above the ear and straightening out an inch at the end, this look was made to show off dimension and style. To lock in your style for up to - wait for it - 72 hours (wow!) - squeeze in a dollop of L'Oréal Professionnel Techni.ART Bouncy & Tender blow-dry gel-cream for the perfect anti-frizz, smooth finish.

Baby, I Can See Your Dutch Halo Braid

If you thought the halo braid was best left for fancy occasions or the Red Carpet, time to think again. This reworked version of the already-beautiful dutch braid is a tad more casual and easier to do yourself (surprisingly). The half-up take of this plait looks like it was gifted from the hair gods. Paired with a blonde balayage on short hair, you can see the pretty multi-dimensional effect of the colour when styled in this ‘do. Definitely a voguish, yet versatile hairstyle that we are fangirling over.

She Bangs, She Bangs

You’ve already taken the plunge and opted for a stylish lob with blonde balayage, what else could you possibly do to switch up your look? One word – bangs, AKA 'the fringe'. Cutting in a face-framing fringe is about the most on-trend look we can think of for a short choppy bob. The volume of the cut, the painted streaks of blonde plus a shaggy fringe… oh, yes please.

Slicked Back Babe

Side-parted, slicked back and curled under for a chic old glamour look that’s really hot right now. This look combines Hollywood starlet with girl-next-door and the result is anything but basic. Your blonde balayage on short hair will be brought to life in this look as the slicked back style will put your golden streaks on display more than ever. Your face will be framed and your hair’s dimension spotlighted. We’re sold.

Half-Up Top Notch Top Knot

For days when you’re riding out a 3-day streak of no shampooing, the half-up bun, (AKA the hun) will be your best friend. It looks cute and chic and it’s effortless to pull together. This look is in the unofficial off-duty supermodel look book and the best part is, us mortals can rock it too! Paired with a balayage, this hairstyle will really highlight the dimensional tones in your sun kissed tresses.

How To Care For Blonde Hair Balayage

In any hair lightening, hair care must begin before you’ve even touched the dye. Ask your stylist about L'Oréal Professionnel Smartbond, a bond-fortifying treatment mixed directly into your colour to keep the integrity of your hair in good nick.

To keep your blonde fresh and glowing at home, pros lend a salon secret -  the L'Oréal Professionnel Blondifier range was designed to revive your lightened locks and keep your hair nourished and healthy. Armed with Polyphenols, a powerful ingredient present an acai berries, the multidimensional shine of your blonde hair will be put left, right and centre.

Finally, don’t neglect the use of a quality heat protection spray such as Redken Pillow Proof, in order to keep damage to your colour on the DL in face of heat.

If you’re looking for a trendy way to shake up your short hair, a blonde balayage has your name all over it. Try out this look to give your ‘do a kiss from the sun, sans harmful UV rays!

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