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Elizabeth Hall
02 December 2019
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Thanks to modern science, you can get pretty much any hue out there plus hair colours you never dreamt would exist, like the Pantone Colour Of The Year, Living Coral. But when faced with all the amazing hair colour-inspo floating around the ‘gram, a hair colour app can help put to rest the question “what colour suits me?”, for good. If you have an itch to change hair colour that you just can’t scratch, but you’re having trouble deciding between golden blonde balayage and all-over rose gold, theL’Oréal Professionnel Style My Hair App should be your next download. This innovative hair colour app has been in the works for over ten years and really stands out from other apps for its advanced 3-D technologies that allow you to play with a glorious collection of hair colours, sans commitment. Scroll through to explore the new - elevated 2.0 - way to change your hair colour.

Change Hair Colour Like Never Before: The Lowdown On Style My Hair App

With over a decade of careful research, the L’Oréal Professionnel Style My Hair App was created in partnership with leading beauty AR (Augmented Reality) company, Modiface, to bring you the most realistic 3-D modified makeover experience out there. This Canadian, Toronto-based tech company has a rep for ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence, which they share exclusively with L’Oréal Professionnel. This partnership has been somewhat of a game-changer in the beauty app world and it’s stirring buzz in salons as the future way to change hair colour. We’re pretty stoked about this tool because let’s be honest, who wants to keep asking “what hair colour suits me?” with no visuals. Here, we cover everything from A-Z on your new favourite hair transformation tool - check it out.

How Does The App Work?

This hair colour app detects individual strands (it really doesn’t miss a strand, it’s quite impressive) and applies the colour of your choosing, regardless of your hair type or texture, to give you an idea of how, say, blue jean pastel would look on your mane. Not only can you flirt with new hair colours, but its technology is advanced enough to try different techniques, like sombré or balayage… yeah, pretty great stuff thanks to AI-based tech.

Upgraded Consultation With Your Stylist = A Better Hair Colour

This hair colour app really takes things to the next level by giving you the ability to save the looks you love and send them to your nearest L’Oréal salon so that your colourist can mix up the exact shade you’re after. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words… this tool was created to help you and your stylist set real expectations- oh yeah, we forgot to mention the app uses actual colours that L’Oréal offers. This means that whatever shade you’ve fallen for during your simulation experience, your stylist can carefully analyse and then create it at your next appointment. Bespoke results at their finest.

“Try On” A Nearly Endless List Of Shades Before You Change Hair Colour

When we say nearly endless, we mean it. After selecting “try a look on me”, you will then be faced with a front-camera version of yourself (always the most flattering angle, we know) where you can choose from different categories of hair colour in real-time… no more “waiting for results” message while you anxiously wait to try out a hue. The categories are broken down like this: On-Trend, Colourful, Blondes, Browns, Reds, and Coppers. Within each category is multiple tones that you can tweak to be as bright or dark as you wish, the sky’s the limit- always wondered if you could pull off the silver hair trend? What are you waiting for? The time’s now!

Comparing Is Caring

You can even compare your newly desired shade to your current one for more confidence in your decision to change hair colour. This is a fool-proof way to know which colours match your true aesthetic... and which ones to avoid like the plague. If you’re still struggling to know what hue works for you, ask your stylist’s advice. The pros are masters of matching hair to skin tone for truly bespoke results.

Let AI Tech Help You Land Your Favourite Hair Colour Yet

The level of personalisation you get with this hair colour app is unrivalled. Embrace the future of hair colouring and get very real expectation in real-time with the app’s advanced AI. You may be surprised to find out that you love certain shades you never saw yourself trying, and that’s the best part of it all! No longer will you have to rely on a picture of someone else (who probably has very different colouring's) for hair inspo. The future of hair colouring is looking bright.

Try out the Style My Hair App and become your own source of inspiration.

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